New font family

It appears a font update was rolled out. 

Helvetica font is replaced with a different font family. 
I think the new font is worse
- it's size is smaller
- it's harder to read as shape of the letters is now worse and spacing does not help
- line height, font weight and font size is not consistent of Helvetica, so now there are vertical misalignments and letter shape incosistencies through different sizes. 

+ you have now more font weight to pick from as a plus side

I'm sure the frontend specialists are seeing the issue and i believe they will soon sort the issues out, but I'd like to stress out they should actually do it before rolling out the font update. 
It's unprofessional for the management to accept it without so many of the little adjustments that make a difference if an application is easy to read/use or difficult. 

difficult is now, easy was before. 



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  • Actually what strava is doing is using System default fonts now. So depending on what system you are on, the fonts will look different. This is actually pretty common practice now.

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  • Agree 100%

    So much easier to read as it was before.

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  • I think the typeface was a bit small even before this change!  

    Part of the problem might be the difference between the Google Chrome browser and Microsoft's Edge.  Chrome seems to display the new font as very thin almost lightweight lettering.  I'm sure there's a word for it, I mean the exact opposite of bold.    

    Microsoft Edge browser presents the pages more similar to their previous appearance.  Chrome is usually considered to be the more popular browser, so I don't know why this wasn't caught in testing.  (Or perhaps we're all on the test team and we just don't know it.)   

    I know it's probably a low priority item, but since most web sites appear almost identical in the two browsers... could the staff please correct this for Chrome users?  

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  • If you do a Google search you will see ways to fix it. It's a problem with Chrome and font rendering on Windows. Chrome has always rendered fonts on Windows bad.

    The fonts on the Mac are nice and bold. 

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  • True, font family is now: -apple-system,system-ui,BlinkMacSystemFont,Roboto,"Segoe UI","Helvetica Neue",Arial,sans-serif,"Apple Color Emoji","Segoe UI Emoji","Segoe UI Symbol". 

    first one found on my system is: "Segoe UI"

    I'd actually like if they started using "Roboto", but for that the font needs to be imported first. 
    Roboto is real good typeface for application interface, thats why i think it would fit perfectly. 

    as for thin font problem, that's partially due to old css rules that make text that is supposed to be bold thinner than normal weight. 

    .inline-stats strong.inline-stats b { font-weight300; }
    400 stands for 'normal' weight
    600 is for default 'bold' or 'strong' text
    while this rule sets it at 300, and since "Segoe UI" font has support for this thin weight, well, then it is what windows users see. 
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  • I agree, the new-look font is much harder for me to read. The letters are too thin - it needs to be bold and clear, especially when looking at a screen out of doors. Please beef up the letters. Thanks


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