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I'm very tired of being spammed, especially in the autumn and winter, by people uploading activities of their Swift (or others trainers) sessions and walks. I have zero interrest in seing someones fake-biking in the basement or when they are walking the dog and I believe I'm not alone on this. However, I don't want to unfollow them either. It can be a sensitive thing to do to certain people and I still want to see their activities when they do have a proper bike ride.

The solution is simple: add the possibility to apply a filter to what's visible in the activity feed, enabling you to hide walks and trainer activities etc. To be able to a further extent control to what you see would be a huge improvement Strava.



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  • 100% with you on this. Whilst I see the benefit for others to enjoy Zwift etc, I don't want to see them particularity. This is made much worse by the algorithm for showing peoples activities, I actively ignore Zwift / turbo rides and that in turn seems to make the algorithm think I've missed them and pushing them back to the top of the feed. If they (Strava) insist on ignoring all the criticism of the new feed then at least allow filtering options so I have some ounce of control over what I see.

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