Smart circular segments ( start = stop )

Implement smart ( start = stop) , so that it does not matter where you start/stop your circle, it would always count for one and the same segment , especially for (eg around small lake etc )

Strava could then replace al similar segments around the same lap , and keep just one for this lap. Now everyone sets starts and stops on random positions on the same lap, leading to incomplete classifactions, double classifications, bad results if you did nog start and stop your lap exactly on a certain position.

The classification could than include anyone who ever completed this lap, sorting out her/his fastest round. Eg. if you run the lap say 2.5 times, sort out the fastest round time .



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  • Ideally, this sounds nice.  However, it may be somewhat impractical.

    Consider the roughly three mile loops around Lakes Calhoun and Harriet near Minneapolis:  city runners living on the south sides are not going to want to run an extra mile-and-a-half just to start on the north (park) side, if that is where Strava actually ends up putting it, do the sanctioned loop and then another mile-and-a-half home.  

    How small is "small"?  Becomes pretty relative (like how my wife and I disagree on what, exactly, constitutes a "hill").

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  • I am afraid you missed the point somewhat. The point being that there would not be a starting point anymore, It would be sufficient to run the lap from any point on, and it would count as that segment. The way you describe it is how it is now, and that is why everyone feels the need of adding their own personel start/stop point.

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  • @Johan - Yes, you are correct, I totally missed the point. Thanks for the clarification.

    Full circles, no set starting/ending points - I am four square in favor.

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