Make the segments listed in the Potential Segment Match Analysis tool active links

If I do a ride in a new area it's nice to have a look at the segments I missed out or partially passed through using the Potential Segment Match Analysis tool. This way I can find new segments to have a go at.  However, the segments are listed on the tool page just as plain text, so to find out more details you have to cut and paste the name into the Segment Search page which is a bit laborious (especially on a tablet!).  This also becomes more complicated if the segment has an unimaginative name and searching brings up multiple possible results.  Could the missed segments listed be presented as hyperlinks that take you to the segment page, so you can quickly and easily look at more details for any segment?




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  • I just tried it on today's ride and the Potential Segments were all hyperlinked to display a map of where each is :-) 

    You'd have to explore or search to get the rider standings page, etc. - maybe a button for that link on the map presented would be helpful.

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  • This is honestly a no brainer. While the tool gives you the name of the segment, it can be very tedious to try to sort through the also poorly implemented Segment Search tool to find the exact segment (or impossible if 6000+ pages come up; this screen should be filterable!)

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