Stryd (Run) Power Affecting Strava (Cycling) Power Curve

Strava does not yet support power data in running. That is disappointing, but it is what it is--annoying, but not the real problem.

The real problem is that Garmin recently opened the power channel for Run mode on their devices. This means that a run done with Stryd and recorded on a Garmin in Run mode will import to Strava with the power data, but the power data is "invisible." However, it is still there somewhere and it affects the (cycling) Power Curve.

For example, my cycling FTP is about 340W. This morning I went for an easy run with Stryd. Strava Power Curve now estimates my FTP at 376W and says my best CP20 in the last six weeks and this year is 384W using data from my run this morning. When I click the link for "Sep 29, 2016" on the power curve, it takes me to the file for my run this morning. There is no power data shown anywhere on the Strava file.

Training Peaks can differentiate between run and cycling power, why can't Strava? This is Premium feature that is being corrupted by Strava's inability or unwillingness to adapt to changing technology. Strava needs to: 

  1. adapt to changing technologies, enable run power, and separate run and cycling power data, or
  2. turn off power data in run entirely, so that it does not corrupt cycling power data in the feature that Premium members pay to access.

Please address this issue promptly. Strava is a great social activity portal that I very much enjoying being a part of. However, with many other options out there with pay walls, I will have trouble justifying renewal of my Premium membership for a sixth year if Strava cannot adapt and correct issues affecting premium services.



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  • It seems that running power is no longer uploaded into Strava.  This is good news for those who were affected by the power curve, but bad news for multisport athletes who now have no power data for running.  Cancelled my premium today.  No idea why they can't simply support running power AND cycling power and keep that data somewhat separate.  

  • Cancelled my premium membership a few months ago. Since then I've started using Training Peaks more often and I feel it beats Strava on every aspect but segment ranking. But since that is a free feature at Strava, I feel that there is Zero need to pay for a Premium Strava membership. Don't miss a thing about my "Premium" membership.
    It still amazes me how Strava can't fix this. And won't even comment in this thread.

  •'s more of a mess than that - NEW running power is no longer uploaded into strava - but OLD running power still remains and is still visible in your power curve

    I've already cancelled my premium



  • An official comment nearly a year later, and technically still didn't fx the underlying issue of run power affecting cycling power curve..

    I'm so glad I didn't renew my premium membership, and the lack of actual support or care about accurate data for paying members will guarantee I will never pay for a Strava membership again.

  • HI 

    So far, Stravistix was a solution to see power data generated with Stryd but on 5th July 2017 Strava removed power data completly. 

    My decision was to cancel my Strava Pro account and move to Training Peaks which anyway, is so much better if you your goal is to train based on data. Strava is great for socializing, but for serious training I personally think Training Peaks is the no. 1. 

  • Totally agree, at this point TrainingPeaks offers a lot more and it actually works.

  • Bueller?



  • It appears Strava is more interesting in being like Facebook, rather than a useful training portal........

  • What a shame that Stryd power is still not supported. My power curve too just changed after doing a very relaxing run with another person. Looks like I’ll be canceling my subscription and move over to TrainingPeaks.

  • I notice the same thing in Zwift runs that have power data.  Zwift records the power numbers and Strava is putting those numbers into my cycling power curve.  This is making the Strava power curve pretty unusable for anyone who has running power data recorded in their files.  

  • Yes. Still waiting

  • Yes, still waiting too.
    I’ve pretty much stopped using Strava because of this and am using TrainingPeaks.
    I think I’ll cancel my premium Strava subscription

  • With Polar Vantage V too........

  • Topic started back in 2016, now 2019 and still no answer from Strava clearly they are not interested to look into that matter... 

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