Trail Explorer

Why not develop a trail explorer? Segments make up a trail, I don't see why there isn't some added technology to display trail names.  I use Trailforks and MTB Project with Strava just to navigate sometimes.  I love Trailforks but it has its place.  Strava can track an entire ride which is made up of redundant segments.  If I ride the Flume in Tahoe, I see a dozen segments.  It would be better if Strava could auto-detect my route and add a segment called "Flume Trail" - somehow.

A more straight forward trail might be Hole in the Ground near Truckee.  It's done counter clockwise usually and there is a clear start and finish.  When viewing Segment Explorer, the entire trail route is too cumbersome to display.  You have to mess with the elevation meter, zooming and positioning the screen - its user un-friendly. 



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