Limit the number of clubs a member can join

I notice that some members are joining 100s of clubs from all over the world. (E.G. Evgeniy Pinchuk) I'm not clear why they would do this as they can't possibly interact with so many people. It does however have the potential to affect the motivation and competition within local/area based clubs.

Why not limit membership to a handfull of clubs tp prevent this



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  • Please limit the number of clubs a person can join.  I like to look at last weeks leader board to see what my friends accomplish.  Sometimes when I go there is not a single person from our area.  There are Russian, Italian, and riders from all over the world.  No one in the local clubs no who they are or care about their activities.    I am currently a member of six clubs but I think limiting it to five clubs would be fine.

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  • I have to agree with this. The strava users who join many clubs are ruining strava clubs. I think there should be a reasonable limit to the number of clubs one can join. It should not, however, be limited by geography. Some of us have moved overseas and have real connections to clubs in multiple countries.

    Strava, please find a solution to this so clubs can be more meaningful.

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  • Why does this problem still exist? And why do these individuals not realise the selfishness of clogging-up other people's club activity feeds and leaderboards - often with irrelevant activities? Worse than this, however, is that when clubs have been set-up to promote charity fundraising or other worthy aims, these people almost certainly aren't contributing to the objective. I cannot see why anyone would really 'need' more than a couple of clubs per sport.

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