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It would be nice to have a live friend tracking function when on the trail. For example: my friends and I start out cycling together but after a while we get torn apart on the same trail. It would be nice to have a screen with a live 'ranking' where we could se how far we are ahead or behind each other. This way we can also see if one has stopped for changing a flat tire.



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  • I signed up for Premium think this was included but it isn't. I subscribed to MapMyRide+ and my wife live tracked my rides with that all the time. Please add or I will be forced to switch back.
  • I think this is a very necessary and life saving feature and should be available in the free version of the app. Lots of other apps do have this and I do not want to switch back... I am out on trails hiking/running/cycling on my own a lot and it would be giving my friends and family quite some peace of mind if they could track me, since a lot of times there is no cell service or internet out there...

  • Andrea,
    A live tracking feature in the app won't work if you're not able to be linked to a mobile internet connection.
  • Hi. GPS signals are more resilient to coverage black spots than the normal G type data connections which is why you very rarely lose your route, even if you go through spots where you know there is no data or telephony.
    Also, last known location is better than no known location.
    I fully agree that this feature should be included. I do have run tactic road bike pro which does have live tracking, I just stopped using it as my wife had a windows phone which it didn't work well on. I'll give it another go this weekend now she has android and report back.
  • Endomondo has had a live tracking feature in it's basic free version for years. So it must be possible to do

  • New premium member here, Is live tracking going to happen. If not I'm headed back to map my ride. This safety feature is a must. Can't believe its not here, thought for sure if I signed up for premium it would be .

    Shame on me.


    Whats the status?

  • Strava, hello... Strava? Over a year and a half and hundreds of Strava users have been asking for this service and still no response or development. This is a very important safety function, that is now a standard service on other apps. Map My Ride offers this, in case anyone else is looking to change apps until Strava will either listen or respond.

  • This may have already been noted along the way, but one battery-efficient way to live track:  have a ping sent out once every X miles (0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, etc.) so that the user can choose how often the track happens.  

    A more sophisticated version (also battery efficient) may be this:  for the tracker to see the Strava rider on demand.  This would create a one-time ping to the Strava rider to pinpoint a location, as opposed to seeing movement.  This way, at the least the tracker can know if movement is happening or if someone's upside down in some ditch.

  • Live tracking is a planned development for 2015. We'll be sure to share updates and details as they become available. 

  • Additional note on the live tracking feature:

    we organize events, we like to create an event (an upload an gpx, but that's a different request) and got an overview who are still on the track of the event and where they are. For many reasons: we need to know where the last one remains on the track, so we can start removing the traffic signs behind him. Where are the maintenance/emergency guy's. How busy is it on the track, etc. etc. Even display the live tracker (with auto refresh) with an beamer on a wall at the start/finish so other people can see where their friends are on the track (in case they drive together). Now we use an seperate app for this.

  • Add my vote and add TOPOGRAPHICAL maps to the live feed.  The mobile maps are insufficient for navigating on the ground.  Check out MotionX-GPS for an example.

  • I'm not a Strava user, YET.  I use Endomondo and have requested this feature for a few years over there.  All my friends are moving to Strava.  For me I am moving to whom ever does this feature first and right.  

    My Usage scenario:

    Bicycling friends and one or two support cars.

    Us folks on the bikes are usually following the same, pre-loaded rout but some sprint ahead and some stop behind.  We get separated by up to 20 miles.  At the same time our support cars need to see when we are approaching the next rest area, or if we break down, where to find us.  Those ahead on the bikes will slow down and wait if they see the other team members are too far behind.

    All this needs to be visualy on the map in the mobile app, perhaps different color dots.  (Mine will be purple Go U of W Dawgs!)  

    You also need to be able to send pep talk / txt messages to the rest of the team that will be read out loud to the rest of us, from the mobile app to the team on their mobile app.

    Who ever gets here first has my full support and my money for their pro version.

  • "Ride with GPS"  already has live tracking ,, I've been using it for a few years !

  • @Peter Davis so using Ride with GPS you can see your other friends / team mates on the map on your phone while all you are riding?

  • I have just started using Ride ID which does this very well.  I have run both apps at the same time.  Ride ID has a tracking feature plus stationary alert function.  Also provides a Emergency Contact lock screen.  Seems to me that Strava is missing the boat here...

  • Hi Jdd Crew , I use RwGPS app on my phone , my wife can track me on her computer at home (or anywhere) in real time , any photos I take while out riding are uploaded to her computer in real time . I have not yet used the group tracking feature of RwGPS .    Take a look at the many RwGPS tutorials on Youtube , it tells you all about the many features including group live tracking . 

  • Why dont Strava look at integration with RwG then? RwG is a quick and easy app to use.... Until then i keep on using endomondo! Unfortunately.
  • Why is everyone suggesting this for Strava Premium!? This should be a standard safety feature in Strava. 

  • Likely they are suggesting Premium, to Get Strava's attention, and mention that if nothing else they are willing to pay for that feature.  NOT saying that they dont think it should be available for the basic accounts.

  • Any update on this? 

  • So with today's update regarding Strava Live, does that include Live TRACKING?  Because if it does, I do not see it in the newest update.

  • Based on what I see in the app glossary strava live has nothing to do with live tracking. It is a way to run your phone battery down faster as it keeps your screen on and displays your stats. And the extras that you get with premium are free on my preferred tracking app. This just further keeps me a basic user as the only benefit of strava is the social connections and those are free...for now.
  • Thanks Michael Arnold.  BTW, which tracking app to you use?

  • I use sportstrackerPro (android only). When I got it there was a one time cost of $9.99. My daughter got it later for $5. There was talking of it going to a monthly fee but I haven't had it happpen yet.
  • If Strava offered live tracking with their premium service, I would upgrade today.  As it is, MapMyRide looks like the better option as their premium service includes both live heart rate and live tracking.  I would really like to keep using Strava but if I have to spend $$$ I'll find the best value.  Right now Strava doesn't appear to be that.

  • I tried RwGps but I did not get the tracking feature working. So i cancelled subscription. The only free live tracking sports tracker at this stage is Endomondo but then it misses a lot of cool
    Strava features ie segment challenges.... Map my ride, the same. Strava should just get with it and activate it!!!!!! Urrrrgggh
  • Ride With GPS does do live tracking, its fairly straight forward to turn on. I used to use this up until about a month ago as it'd let the wife know where I am when I disappear off for six hours at a time. In the end though I got thinking about it whilst I was out one day and I made my own app in Android Studio. It's quite easy. I'm planning to release this, along with source code for free. Contact me if you're interested as I'm sure only a few people will be, since Ride With GPS is relatively a small cost. I only wanted to make my own to try and reduce the battery use a bit.

  • Any word on when this will be available?

  • Complete "Sound of Silence" about the live tracking feature.
  • Here's my email and response from RwGPS earlier today:

    Daleaceron, Aug 10, 09:56:

    Hi there RwGPS,

    Just curious, is there a way to run with RwGPS? Are the stats the same? Is there a "Run with GPS" app?


    Addie Levinsky, Aug 10, 14:19:

    Hey Dale,

    Thanks for writing in. At this time, we don't have a "Run" option outside of being able to save an activity in the route planner as a run, but it's definitely on our radar to implement service for more activities.



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