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It would be nice to have a live friend tracking function when on the trail. For example: my friends and I start out cycling together but after a while we get torn apart on the same trail. It would be nice to have a screen with a live 'ranking' where we could se how far we are ahead or behind each other. This way we can also see if one has stopped for changing a flat tire.



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  • I'm a premium member who is surprised this isn't available on Strava. As I start to do longer training rides / runs and as noted here by many, I'm looking for a way to be able to share my location with my "home team" so they can follow along and know I'm ok. Because I can't easily share in progress activities on Strava, I wound up signing up for a free 1 month trial of map my ride's premium service (aka MVP) - and it works like a charm. Though Strava has some nice features, it's hard to say any of them trump safety and peace of mind. Any chance you're close enough to releasing this feature I don't have to switch my subscription? Fingers crossed...

  • I have lost 100 pounds since my heart attack and have become much healthier but my wife still worries and feels better with live tracking which is why I use mapmyfitness.  I pay extra for it, but would gladly switch to Strava premium if it offered this same feature!

    Dan Butler

    Fredericksburg, VA

  • Hi guys , I have been using Ride with GPS  for over 2 years,  real time live tracking works like a charm every time. I don't work for them but it's a great app with great support (if you need it).

    Export the .GPX file to Strava ,, only because my friends use Strava . Take photos while you ride within RwGPS and the photos appear on my wife's computer  in real time also.

  • Is there any update on the timing for this feature? almost to the end of "2015"


  • Being a premium member for years, and thinking this feature already existed for some time, I'm disappointed that I can't "share my activity" live, only "share my activity status" live to my friends. Realizing this I will probably have FindMyFriends operating in the background, but seriously, how hard is it to show a map with a rough track of the last 50 GPS points (including data age/staleness) to your interested friends? Using two apps like I will do today will likely burn way more battery power than if you just included this as a default-off option every ride. The time-savings alone (when people want to join up mid-ride) would be worth the battery suck. We're all adults and can manage our battery consumption...well, usually. :)

    Please, Strava...a status? MapMyRide's stock is slowly creeping up.

  • Just downloaded Map my Ride. Maps are maps and I am a cyclist. kudos, segments, people following me are secondary to where I went, how long it took, and what my average was. I'd rather my wife can see where I am than my mates gives me the thumbs up. If I want public acknowledgement I'll put it up on Facebook. I think it's time For people to vote with their wheels and feet. Starve is good but there is no update from the company on this request and it's dragging on.
  • I've been working on something that will do live tracking. It's pretty much still in beta, but I'd like some testers. This is primarily done for safety so that the wife knows where I am and if I'm stuck she can come and find me if I don't answer. So, anyway, if you're interested in testing, please mail me, ed (a) s5h (dot) net. All data recorded can be exported to Strava as this is not a replacement for Strava, just a different way of recording data so it can be viewed in almost realtime.

  • I think I'm gone as well. I'll head over to map my ride. This is an important feature that should have been here a long time ago for folks that pay. I'll give my money to map my ride now.

  • I would love to have live tracking on Strava. My wife, children and friends would be able to see where I am...

  • Hi

    Just to say, I would go premium if there was a live tracking feature, which could be seen on a PC/Laptop etc at home whilst I ride/run.


  • Huw, try https://www.usenix.org.uk/content/trackingtest.html, currently needing beta testers.

  • This would definitely be a useful feature!  I agree that it should be able to be tracked remotely from a PC for those on your friends list or a spouse at home logged in to your account.  PLEASE MAKE THIS FEATURE AVAILABLE!

  • This topic is live since 2013 and NO ANSWER from Strava so far, even after almost 200 replies. That's the reason I stopped my Premium Account. Shame on you Strava you even don't take the effort to answer.

  • See my latest posting below ,, September 30th

  • See my latest posting below ,, September 30th

  • There was one reply back in 4/2014 I believe.
    They said....
    Elle Anderson Apr 30
    Live tracking is a planned development for 2015. We'll be sure to share updates and details as they become available.

    It is still 2015, but time is running out.
  • Strava don't do the live tracking, which is why I made my own. Please go to https://www.usenix.org.uk/content/trackingtest.html and follow the instructions there. It's in no way related to Strava, but you can easily import your data from this.

  • Thanks Ed, I'll try that. I asked last week and got this reply: Simon Tuttle, Nov 5, 2:50 PM: Hello, We do not currently have plans to do so but but with enough from our community we may add it the feature although it is not guaranteed. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you. Best, Simon Strava Support Team
  • Hi Ed, I only have an iPhone and a Garmin😡 Huw
  • For Live tracking I use www.livetrack24.com - Flying orientated, but friendly towards other sports - Still considering Strava....

  • https://www.glympse.com/ has filled this niche - but I am surprised Strava doesn't have it built in. MapMyFitness has it (even on their free accounts)

  • I've been following this thread for a long time now. Still no news on this feature yet. It seems like everybody's able to include this feature but Strava. No updates on the status of the update either. Feature will come in 2015, didn't make that deadline.

    Pls Strava, respond to this thread of 2013. I hate using 2 apps just one for my data and the second one to enable people at home to follow my progress, it just makes no sense.

  • What is the option available on the premium app? What does THAT "live tracking" mean? I am using Endomondo together with Strava when I do an activity. No other way, I love strava but I use the endomondo so my family can track me.
  • Strava still doesn't have it, but Garmin Connect does at no extra fee, which I use to upload to Strava.  It came with my Garmin Edge 520.  Just a thought I wanted to share. 


    Dan B

  • It's hard to understand Strava not having this feature. Mapmyfitness has had this for years.

  • I don't think Camila rides a bike?


  • No I don't think so either. But I do and I'm kind of excited about the new wahoo ELEMNT. Anyone else? It looks like it will have a live tracking and will auto upload to strava. And that would be perfect for me. It would also kill my interest in strava to do something about that feature as they clearly are not, at least not with any word to us.
  • Seems like a basic feature to me - should at least be an option in premium. My wife like to know where I am on my commute.

  • +1 to this.  My wife would love it the reassurance.  Other apps already do it, seems like a missing feature.  Come on Strava!

  • Hello everyone - 

    A project around sharing your location as a safety feature is currently being explored. Please leave us any additional feedback on this specifically, and we'll post here with updates. 

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