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It would be nice to have a live friend tracking function when on the trail. For example: my friends and I start out cycling together but after a while we get torn apart on the same trail. It would be nice to have a screen with a live 'ranking' where we could se how far we are ahead or behind each other. This way we can also see if one has stopped for changing a flat tire.



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    Beacon has been released as a Premium Strava feature. Please let us know what you think.

  • I think it would be a good idea to share by email our GPS tracking in real time, for our safety and for the family knows where we are. The most important is the safety !

  • I agree with this suggestion. My husband goes for much longer rides than I do. When I am ready to go out, I want to catch up with him. Instead of trying to call or text, it would be great to locate him. 

  • this is a great feature. here is why.
    1.more people have iphones or androids than they do garmin.
    2. the purpose of tracking is for people not riding, to follow your progress.
    3. this is already a great feature done at major marathons.
    4. my friends and family want to follow my progress when i am riding in events
  • I don't suggest all Strava users are iOS or Android app users. This feature will indeed be useable for app users only at this moment. I think in the near future GPS cycling devices will have build in features like this. If Strava adds this to the app, they will be first! Maybe some people won't buy a seperate cycling device and start using their smartphone, and Strava, more and more for the extra features. Maybe it will motivate Garmin for instance to inovate more on social features too.

  • Map My Ride has this feature, Why doesn't Strava?


    Source: http://mvp.mapmyride.com/

  • wow. mapmyride only charges $5 for 1 month of live tracking.
    This is perfect! Exactly what i want. My friends and family are gonna have fun tracking my on my next century.
    sorry strava. You missed the opportunity this time around.
    Maybe next time
  • I know other application exist to do that (like "Road ID").

    But I realy would like to have this interesting option on Strava !

  • It would be great to have this feature included in the Strava app, I've seen other apps already have it, like runtastic.

  • Mapmyride doesn't charge anything for this feature. My wife has been tracking me on my long rides via Facebook for over a year now. At most, the data to her phone has lagged by 10 minutes or so. Usually it only lags by a minute or less.
  • My wife would love to be able to track me in the moment on my rides. I usually set out every Saturday morning and decide where to ride as I drive. She would like to be able to see where I am occasionally, especially after I've been gone longer than "normal". I think live tracking would be a great setting.

  • My wife would love to be able to track me in the moment on my rides. I usually set out every Saturday morning and decide where to ride as I drive. She would like to be able to see where I am occasionally, especially after I've been gone longer than "normal". I think live tracking would be a great setting.

  • Indeed. I'm living in Belgium and my brother is living in Iceland. We are both training for the Rotterdam Marathon in a few weeks. I'm using Strave, he is using Endomondo.
    When he's doing a long run he puts on his Endomondo live tracking. A great feature so I can follow live how he's doing. My brother has to wait until I've uploaded my training before he can see my results.
    Unfortunately he is much faster than I am :-) He is 10 years younger too. LOL.
    Where are you waiting for STRAVA ?

  • Yes, Strava, please add this feature! I left Endomondo for you because of other friends, however, I no longer have the ability to give my family a link to follow my tracks as I'm by myself most of the time out on trails... so please!??!

  • Yes, please create this option on Strava ! Talk about this topic "Live Tracking Feature" at everyone to have more comment. Then Starav will consider our request !!

  • A profile setting on my account would declare if I want Live Tracking to be enabled.

    If enabled, I would then like to be able to grant an "View Live Tracking" permission to specific Strava users.

    In this way, I can grant my wife, and just my wife, permission to 'real time' data for all rides without me having to remember to activate it ride by ride.

    The Strava website and/or App remains the natural central access point for Strava data, giving not only "how did I do?", but "how is he doing?" as well.

  • Live tracking should be must for Strava since there are 3rd party applications that could somewhat do that.


  • Any updates on this feature. I would definitely agree on the Safety component. I currently use the RoadID app for this reason, and while I love it, I would much rather use one app.

  • What's the status of this feature? I use RoadID for safety feature and it would be great to have a single app running.

  • Update: Coming very soon! 

  • I have been doing research since i commented on this.
    there are several apps for runners that do this.
    And another app for cycling:
    "runtastic road bike pro" for iphone
  • Glympse and RoadID already do this also and I have used Glympse. Havent tried the Road ID version but I think it would be nice to have it all in one app.

  • Even the ability to send SMSs at programmable time/distance intervals to a list of people would do the job for me especially in ultra races. This would eliminate the requirement to have a proper internet connection on the trails where even weak cellular signals are more likely to be present.

  • Another vote from me on this feature.  When out on solo rides it would be great if my family could track my location.

  • Not to mention the new garmins have this feature built in by Bluetooth thru the phone, no reason not to have it on Strava. And it should be free as a safety feature,
  • I agree this is a huge safety feature from several aspects, but its also huge in practicality and convenience. I'm running an ultra mountain race, so my time will depend on a lot of factors - including some i don't control. My family would like to be there when I finish, but waiting for an hour or more with toddlers and infants ... not fun! Absolutely agree with the suggestion above to use SMS - much smarter and leaner approach!

  • It's time now ! Last week I made over by a car and I ended up in ditch ! Luckily I had nothing but live tracking feature on the strava website and SMS will probably save my life next time !

  • I'd love this feature, even though I have a Garmin FR620, if I'm on an ultramarathon, the battery of my Garmin won't last for over 5 hours, no matter what their marketing says! It would be an excellent feature to have on the iOS app, potentially with the ability to send out automatic posts to Twitter & Facebook at regular intervals, i.e. 10kms or when prompted. That way there is only one device to charge and carry on long distance travel & only a battery pack would be needed to recharge the phone.

  • I'd love it so I didn't have to stop my ride to text/call the missus to meet me at x place for our pre arranged picnic.. She could just look and think oh glens gonna be there in 20 minutes I'd better set off in the car soon.. (she is fat and can't cycles as well as me or I'd make her cycle along with me)

  • This is the one reason I started using Ride with GPS instead of Strava when I'm going solo in remote areas. It gives my family peace of mind to be able to see where I am and that I'm still moving. Could save my bacon some day.

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