Expand weight categories over 200lbs/95kg for Segment Filters

I am a paying customer. I am over 200lbs. (248lbs) I would like to see the weights above 200lbs segmented like you do for weights under 200lbs. Why discriminate and categorize us Clydes as all "above 200" when you categorize weight in 10-15lb segmetns for folks under 200....? One of the reasons I pay for Strava is so I can compare myself to others who weigh as much as me. Not 20 or 30 lbs less. I just want t he same features paying customers under 200bs get. Which I think is fair, don;t you?




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  • Seth, we'll look into the Challenge filter issue that you reported. 

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  • Just to echo Seth’s experiences, some of the guys at the top of the weight-related leaderboards are definitely not 200+ lbs.

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  • Thanks Elle for looking into this. I didn't realize that the weight segment filter for 200+ actually was working for things like looking at segment leaderboards. I hadn't looked. Just did, and yes it does appear to be working on segments I checked from my rides. Apparently it's just the challenge leaderboard filters that aren't working for these new weight categories. I'm sure that will be resolved asap.

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  • I find the same as Richard S., (Nov 1 @ 16:14)

    Paris Mtn is the biggest climb in Greenville, SC. Looking at the leaderboard for this segment, the top 10 @ 250+ lbs are mostly professional cyclist, including George Hincappie (with a time of 9:17). George also shows up more appropriately in the 165 ~ 179 weight class (with a time of 9:53). Here's a link to the leaderboard


    Perhaps if riders leave their profile's weight field empty, they default to the heaviest class. Guessing all the pros don't want to divulge their weight to competition, but the result is, they booger up the 250+ lb class.

    Don't know why George would show in two classes. Maybe George did the 9:17 ride without a weight specified in his profile, then did the 9:53 ride when his weight was specified in the 165~179 range. 

    I'm thrilled to make it up the freak'n hill, but my rank is currently 75/90. Clearly there are people in the 250 lb class that shouldn't be there. Hope you folks can find and fix. 


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  • Created a ticket for your Frank, we'll investigate and get back to you. 

    Seth, our team is investigating the empty filters for challenge leaderboards. 

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