Reverse an existing Strava Route


Is it possible to reverse routes on Strava? I'd like the option to reverse routes I've ridden or created on the Strava route planner.

Regards, John


21.06.16 - So, two and a bit years later we're still no further forward with this development. Absolutely crazy!!


08/0217 - Well I've literally ran out of time waiting for this feature, having now being diagnosed with a terminal cancer. I find incredible that such a fundamental requirement for all cyclist in a cycling app simply isn't available.




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    Hey all,

    Thank you for your continued feedback. I assure you that's it's incredibly valuable.

    The reason this hasn't been implemented yet is because the Route Builder function is still in beta mode. Your feedback is more than welcomed and we are listening. We'll be sure to update you when work on the next evolution of Route Builder begins.

  • Both 'Reverse' and 'complete loop' would be very handy commands.

  • Agree completely.

    For example, my last new route is a hit with my friends, but we decided it would be preferable to do in reverse. With a lot of little segments, it is very difficult to recreate the whole route. Being able to either reverse route, or just print cue sheet in reverse, would be great!

    Jim - Kelowna

  • It would be an easy feature if the my own routes could be reversed with just one (button)- click.

    Michiel - Tilburg (NL)


  • Reverse a route would be very handy... I'm creating some off-road Routes for my local school cycling club - but I'll need both directions as the 'risk assessments' will be very different.

  • This could additionally (with the same mechanism) apply to creating reversed segments, which I've found to be a pretty annoying procedure.

  • I'm looking to do this just now so yes please include this feature.
  • It would be very useful since Duplicate option is already available. Makes it easier to plan multiple routes. 

  • Please add this.  mapmyride has it and it's very useful.

  • I too would really like to see the 'Reverse Route' option... This would be most helpful, particularly with longer more complex routes i.e. 50km+

  • Me too.

  • I'd like a 'Reverse Route' feature as well.  It would be quite useful.

  • Agree, this would be a very helpful feature...

  • completely agree

  • i'd like this please

  • this would be a fantastic feature to include in an upcoming release!

  • +1 really could do with that feature!

  • Im wishing Strava would create a reverse route feature

  • +1 on both reverse segment and route

  • This would be really helpful.I often find easier to start planning from the destination and backwards. But then my cue sheet gets all wrong.

  • Reverse route is a must have feature!

  • Can't imagine this would be hard to do, after all even Garmin can do it! Would help with route planning, along with the loop to start suggested above.

  • +1 would be really great!

  • Can't believe that we can't do this,    Routes go both ways.      Dumb.

  • I will love the reverse route option too!

    I always create the same route twice in both directions.

  • I agree - this would be extremely useful

  • I've just planned a route to my daughter's in Sheffield.  I also need to come back tomorrow and it would be so much more helpful if I could just "click" on a reverse route option.  I can see that this is not entirely straightforward because of one-way streets and some sections that are more popular in one direction than another.  This would be very useful and without it, I'm now looking at other mapping tools.

  • Here's a video tutorial to export your ride from Strava and reverse the route using just a few clicks in two other route mapping tools.

  • Seems straightforward to implement - can we have the reverse route option please? It's almost been a year in the asking!

  • Plus 1 from me too

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