Reverse an existing Strava Route


Is it possible to reverse routes on Strava? I'd like the option to reverse routes I've ridden or created on the Strava route planner.

Regards, John


21.06.16 - So, two and a bit years later we're still no further forward with this development. Absolutely crazy!!


08/0217 - Well I've literally ran out of time waiting for this feature, having now being diagnosed with a terminal cancer. I find incredible that such a fundamental requirement for all cyclist in a cycling app simply isn't available.




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  • Ha, should have know that it wouldn't be that easy. Now the problem seems to be how to get the reversed course from Garmin Connect back into Strava. There doesn't seem to be any straight forward way to do this. You can only export gpx files Garmin Connect if they are activities, but I can't figure out how to get the reversed course to show up as an activity. I found another site that claims to be able to take the course data an export it as a gps:
    I tried this, but when I then tried to import the reversed exported back into Strava, it said it was a duplicate of the original course and wouldn't accept it, so now I'm stuck.
    Only other thing I can think of is I will try to send the reversed course to my Garmin 910xt.

  • Reverse route for me too.  Just set up a commute to work route and I want to go home the same way!

  • I'm new around here, but I see the original post was February 21, 2014 19:45. Strava, surely this is embarrassing for you now? Not just that such a popular request hasn't been implemented, but that it took two years to get an 'official response' and that was almost a year and a half ago! If there's something we're all missing then tell us! Or don't you care what your user community thinks/wants??

    Nice product in places, but I won't be going premium any time soon. Why would I give my money to an organisation like this??


  • It's an absolute joke that this thread is still open.

  • I used one of those external tools to reverse the course, and guess what?  It didn't quite work :)  It is good to look at a map and see the route, but the GPS can't use it for navigation because it ended up on the wrong side of the road.  Not an insolvable problem, but not trivial either.

  • I thought I saw an announcement recently where they said they had released this feature. Was I mistaken?


    On a related note, there should be a way to import a GPX file as a route and not an activity so it doesn't get flagged as invalid. I came across this because I tried to import the Santa Rosa 70.3 bike route and then reverse it because I wanted to ride out toward the start from Santa Rosa and then ride back in with the racers, but when I imported it, it got flagged as invalid with an error message "It appears that this route was driven in a car." Well, I can easily image that they used a car when the recorded the race route and then they posted that gpx file of the route to the race site for the bike map, but I wasn't trying to import it as an activity, but as a route.

  • Another voice for a "reverse route" button (export GPX, use a competing service, re-import is a bit daft).

  • You seem to have time and resource to create features that nobody asked for but can't do this simple thing of duplicate and forward segment switch the direction and then match existing rides. ;(

  • Simple solution - Use Garmin Connect.  it has a reverse my route option -one click.  Then send to your device and you are done.

  • Same for me, it make sense and helps a lot to just reverse the route rather than redesigning it again.

  • THREE years and counting ... and still even the most basic of mapping / map creation functions are still missing. 

    Yet, unsurprisingly, Strava still manage to put their membership prices up ... whilst continuing to deliver less of what real users actually want.

    Despite protestations that "It's still in beta" there are myriad SOLO developers out there who've managed to add tons of value-add features and functionality via browser plug-ins and third-party web-sites, many of which are free, and all of which offer so much more analysis and/or mapping tools than Strava (or Garmin, whilst we're talking about corporate behemoths).

    I think we have our answer(s) ... so just why are we still moaning about being ripped off!?

  • few years later: nothing has changed. Route builder still in beta mode. Come on Strava. Come on

  • Will everyone stop bleating and use Garmin Connect, it's free and has a 'reverse your route' button so couldn't be easier!

  • Dear Andrew P. - I have been riding bikes on and off for over 70 years in North America, Europe, and Asia. Right now I am still riding and get in my 5000 miles or so every year. To keep track of my speed, mileage, and route I use the Strava app on my smartphone, but I don't have or plan to have/buy a Garmin device. So I believe Garmin Connect would not do a thing for me. It goes without saying that classifying mine and other people's comments on the Strava forum concerning reversing an existing Strava Route as 'bleating' is pretty obnoxious and childish and not something I would expect from a fellow bicycle rider.

  • Andrew P

    The sooner I can dispose of the wholly-unreliable Garmin device I have had the displeasure of owning, the quicker I'll have absolutely no recourse to Garmin Connect or Garmin Customer Service - a misnomer if ever there was one - and be able to just simply ride more.

    So, "No, thank you very much" but I'll not be using Garmin Connect, with it's diabolically poor mapping system (the number of routes created by cycling colleagues that end up on wholly-unsuitable dirt trails or dead-ends never ceases to amuse and infuriate in equal measure!) I'll stick to apps which actually work, without incessantly trying to cross-sell and up-sell to the latest whizz-bang gadget ... that also won't do as it promised in the sales hyperbole and marketing rhetoric.

    Rant over...

  • I would love to see the reverse route feature soon.

  • Still not implemented. Put up pressure in the development department. Thanks.

  • It's kind of pathetic that this hasn't been implemented when the request was made 4 years ago. Reversing the order of a list is trivial in almost every programming language. If the developers cannot accomplish this, it severely hurts the credibility of Strava's claim that the "Advanced Analysis" (or any other part of a premium membership) is worth it. Let's make a conservative estimate here:

    So if implementing this feature convinces even 1 in 3000 people to sign up for a one year premium membership, the development cost has paid for itself..., but Strava hasn't taken the time to do this in the last 4 years. If you're not willing to provide even this minuscule bit of value, why should anybody believe that your premium offering is worth anything? It's so deficient as to lead skeptics (as myself) to believe that the time to set up a free trial is not worth the benefit of doing so, even ignoring the fact that one has to take to cancel on the other side when the service is not up-to-snuff.

  • pretty embarrassing how bad some bits of strava are still



  • This would be a useful feature. Hope it can be implementet out of beta, but best....while in beta.

  • The more I try and use Strava, the more I'm convinced that the only thing important to the developers and owners is marketing KOM's. Otherwise it's a waste of $ and time.

  • Adam Hoelscher, the routing app is not a premium feature ;)

    that said... COME ON STRAVA... get your act together. How difficult can it be?


  • Me too. Strava seems a bit slow to develop simple enhancements


  • Pleeeeeeeease Strava make this function it would be so useful

  • If you have a wahoo elemnt bolt computer you get reverse of route in their app....for free. 

    Strava are longer interested in adding value to its users, it is now their objective to monetise their product so all development is focused on that. 

    Turn by turn directions is another simple and useful development that they have ignored for years and which you can get for free via ride with gps.  It seems other apps are eating away at the edges of Strava's features and good luck to them.

  • Yes.  This would be really useful.  A reverse route button.  That's why I prefer to use other apps for routing even though I want to use strava.

  • Strava uses the end of my route as a start point Now I cannot get the route in the right direction even though it is a single track that can only be ridden one way.

    Come on STRAVA. You have been in "development" on this since 2014? Really?
    Strava does not listen.


  • Pathetic that this has not been implemented.

  • Hi Team.  The route maker is now working (fantasstic). Are we able to reverse routes in the new version?



  • Is this request even being considered? Other sites have this option, it's a bit of a faff to download a gpx file then upload it elsewhere to reverse it then upload the modified file back to Strava.

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