Achievement badges for Cycling Sportives or Centuries

Now that the trophy cabinet is a thing, It would be great to see achievements for completing organised sportives within the UK and the rest of the world.

Us cyclists love collecting those little virtual badges, and I'm sure implementing such a feature will encourage a lot more of us to participate.

Benefits Strava also, as I'd imagine a lot of organisers would jump at the chance to have there sportive associated and advertised on the market leader's website (might also be an additional source of revenue for you guys..).

I'm sure this has already been thought of, but I really would like for this to be a reality.



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  • It would be great to have a "find a sportive / granfondo" feature too, to make it easy to find out where upcoming rides are

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  • how about a challenge to see how many century rides you can do in one year. It would be great if Strava adopted this, but for now we are trying to get it moving

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  • I like the idea of earning a badge for completing a feature or segment even if you dont top ten. It would require local creation meaning give users abulitto develop own badge for club members maybe.

    Say for example you finally made a tough feature like a rock garden, gap, or some technical feature. You could earn a badge for it.

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