Manually set average speed when planning a ride in My Routes

I´m trying to use My Routes to plan a ride. But it uses an average speed based on both my mountanbiking and my road biking. That is useless..  It would be nice if it was possible to enter planed average speed.





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  • Try  I love their ability to have a flat speed, as well as adjustments for climbing (specify ascent rate) and descent.  I've suggested that feature here when routes came out and it sounded like there was lots they'd like to do, but the above gives you a working option now.

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  • Only bikeroutetoaster doesn't seem to work very well anymore. Would love to see this in the Strava Route builder as well!  (Although it actually gives a fair estimate as of today it seems)

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  • Hi, I know this post is not a support request, but it could be helpful in this context.

    I had an even larger task to solve. Wanted to prepare a "virtual partner" for a 214-km-bike marathon using my own speed settings that I estimated by myself. Strava Route planning did a poor job, as my 4-week average performance gave it a 7hr duration, whereas I knew that realistically it would take me at least 9 hrs. I did not want to be behind from the first climb, so I needed "reduced speed" data, and I wanted to have this match for every part of the track. Hence, average of 21 would not help, as you loose lots of time during the climb, and only know where you are after the DH section also. For the marathon, I exported TCX data into Excel, did some math (smoothing slopes, calculate speed from slope, modify all timestamps) and then recreated a TCX file.

    However, I decided that I wanted this more automatic, and wrote a very small but helpful FREE program which reads a Strava/GPSIES TCX routes, and rescales with your personalized uphill/downhill speed settings (using a simple table with pairs of climb%/speed, e.g. 8% 12km/h, 9% 11km/h, 10% 8 km/hr.

    Download here, including a sample TCX and speed profile CSV:

    Unfortunately, it seems to require some kind of installation, though I wanted to make a simple EXE to copy around...

    Ride safely and enjoy!

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