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It would be really useful to have what could be described as a 'quick admin or overview' which would simply be a chronological list of all your activities in reverse order (latest first - or maybe even filterable). I am only proposing this for the 'ride' activity but maybe this feature would work across other disciplines (and therefore a hierachy of filters), but I don't know as I only use Strava to ride.

To the right hand side of the ride activity name there would be a list of the options that are already available when you drill into edit a ride. So there would be a check box to toggle Commute, Stationery Trainer, Private and a dropdown to amend the Bike.

Followed on the page somewhere with a save button.

The reason I suggest this is I have lots of indoor training activity which I made private during the build up to the new season, which I now want to make public. The only way to do this is to visit each individual activity, then click the edit button, and make it public. A right pain in the a... You get the drift.



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  • Hi Glen, 

    Thanks for sharing your feedback! The closest thing we have for quick editing today is this page:


    Check it out! 

  • +1 for the bulk-edit feature, not only for private/public status but also other fields (think adding "shoes" to old, just imported data - for instance). Thanks!

  • +1 for this.  I just uploaded a bunch of old GPS data. Many of my rides were tagged as runs by the GPS tool.  I have to manually go one by one to fix them.  I would love to be able to just do a bulk switch from ride to run or simply move them all to private so I can clean them up.

  • This needs to change.  I just imported over 1000 rides, I'd like to bulk-edit the equipment used.  

  • +1 for this. Really want to bulk select numerous rides and tag them as 'commute' - currently have to do this one-by-one, which takes forever

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    While Strava is considering/working on this, I created a little tools to edit multiple activities. I hope it helps.
  • Change to the new atctivitytupe Virtual ride is missing :-)

  • Yes, please, add a bulk edit. I previously didn't have my bike specified and now need to retroactively assign all rides to one specific bike, with a few exceptions. Simple web page works for me.

  • +1 Yep - what they said. TY!

  • Does anyone know if this is possible by writing an app and using the Strava API? I'm a very beginner programmer, and was able to get a JSON download of all my activities with a couple of lines of code. I'm sure an intermediate programmer can write a little PHP program that can download all activities, change them to Private, then upload them. Anyone? 

  • would be really useful indeed. In the mean time we'll have to use objem which doesn't work too well for me...

  • i'm interested in the topic and I see the starting point is quite old - does anyone found a nice way to do bulk editing since 2014 ???

  • Also think bulk edits would be a good idea.  Anyone at Strava still looking into this?

  • +1. How does Strava not already have this?

  • I use a Chrome extension that does this. I had 1,800 rides I wanted changed from Public to Private. Ran the script in Chrome console, went to grab some coffee, done. 

    It's not a pretty UI or anything, but it did the job. It essentially rifles through your My Activity pages and selects the Make Private dropdown option on every activity for you. 

  • Yes! We absolutely need this feature. Being able to make changes of name, sport, or anything to a lot of activities at once is pretty much essential.

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