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Hello Strava,


Android Wear has just received an update that allows tracking using the watch's in-built GPS.  Currently only the Sony Smartwatch 3 supports this, however, I'm sure this will change very soon.  It would be great to leave my phone behind when I go cycling/running and just use my smart watch to track my progress.  Please can you tell me, does Strava have plans to utilize this new standalone GPS functionality in an Android Wear app?





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    If the Strava app has suddenly disappeared from your Wear device, please update your device to the latest Google Play Services update. 

    Strava currently supports the GPS in the Moto 360 Sport and the Sony Smartwatch 3.

    Please let us know if you have any questions. 

  • I would second this! Looking at possibly getting and SWR50 and would be keen to know if Strava would support this functionality.

  • Hello Strava,

    To add to the mix there is now the Microsoft Band (which looks pretty good), please can you tell us if Strava will be adding support for this device?



  • Very same thing here, running with an xperia z1 is a pain. Anyone taken the plunge yet? Might put this out on the general forum to get feedback

  • Had to quit using strava because it doesn't support sony smartwatch yet. Will be back once it does.

    The only app that leverage this sony smartwatch 3 is My Tracks (as far as I know), but it doesn't show pace on watch screen, anyway it does it's job so I will use it for now.

    Also it would be gread if and when strava will support this watches if it will still have voice notifications, so you don't have to look at the device screen.


  • I am also very interested on the Sony Smartwatch 3 with GPS.  I would love it if Strava supported Google Wear with GPS!

    Two more things:

    1) Strava should use the Static Google Maps API so that we have access to our saved Routes with mapping during the runs
    2) Provide support for HR and Cadence sensors to be paired over BT

    Those things, on top of the offline Music playback will mean bye-bye Garmin for me ...

  • also looking to buy an android wear w/ gps support built in.  Would like strava to support this.

  • Just did some research on this topic - 

    We do not support the Samsung Gear Fit device with the Strava Android app. 

    But, we should currently support the following Wear devices:

    • Samsung Gear 2
    • Samsung Gear 2 Neo
    • Sony Smartwatch 3

    Please let me know if you have any questions or issues using these devices.

    August 2015 update: Samsung Gear no longer supported. 

  • This is directed at Elle.  He wants to have his watch run stand alone strava.  Not in conjunction with the phone.  Are you telling me that the watch can use strava and not be tethered to the phone?  IE can use the user leave phone at home and just bring watch out on run?



  • Sony smartwatch 3 doesn't work standalone with strava.

  • Thanks for clarifying Kevin - I understand the request now, and understand the comments in the original post. 

    No, the Strava app does not support standalone GPS recording with the Sony watch (without being tethered to the Strava app). Please keep the feedback coming! 

  • Just picked up the Samsung Gear S, wasn't able to figure out a Strava connection. This thing runs on Samsung's Tizen operating system. Any chance for any Strava support any time soon? I don't want to switch to Nike Running!!

  • Cmon strava Nike + got the jump on you. Can you at least tell us if you are working on standalone strava tizen app for samsung gear S ?? Once I've got used to Nike + I can't see me and plenty others coming back to strava.
  • Any news on this?  I have the SWR50, and have reverted back to using runkeeper (which is nowhere near as good) while this is not available.

  • Any news on this?? The watch has been out for a while now. Would also be good if you could link to ant+ devices through a bridge like the 4iiii viiiiva. I've switched to My Tracks for now as it can use the watches GPS.
  • Ditto - My Tracks is what i'm using (Runkeeper just not good enough), but at least I can then export the GPX file and upload to both Strava and Runkeeper... would be nice to be standalone, but workaround will have to suffice.

  • Request for standalone gps support of Sony smart watch 3. Strava is my favorite fitness app and once this is supported I'll buy a GPS smart watch. Any updates on the timeline this can be expected for?

  • I bought Sony Smartwatch 3 and was hopeful that stand alone (untethered) GPS worked... but it doesn't :( I've switched to Google My Tracks.

  • c'mon Stava! Independent GPS support for compatible devices is essential. 

  • Hi everyone, I tried Strava on the new shiny Sony Smartwatch 3 and I noticed the following:

    1) strava app doesn't start unless the watch is paired with the phone and connected to it.

    2) when it's connected to the phone it uses the phone's GPS, not the internal GPS.

    Just want to confirm that this is the intended behavior. I would expect that I can record a run/ride without being connected to the phone since it has an internal GPS.


  • Alas, no Strava doesn't seem to support the standalone GPS in Android Wear devices (including the Sony Smartwatch 3).  I was hoping the same as it would be great to be able to run / cycle without the phone, rather annoyingly some other tracking apps do already support this feature so why Strava doesn't yet I'm not sure.  Hopefully they'll pick up on this thread and put something in action!

  • I was given the Samsung Gear S at Christmas and really love the freedom to run without carrying anything extra; I have only recently started using Strava and it's great for me to plan routes etc but having to manually record every run and rely on the tracking of another app is an added annoyance. I know the Gear S has it's own built in S Health app which I do use for this but life would be so much easier with a Strava app!!!

  • @Jennie Hesketh, does Samsung gear s GPS sensor works OK? Asking because SmartWatch 3 GPS is useless at least in NY when it's clouded. It takes a lot of time to catch GPS signal and later it might lost it. So comparing to phone GPS it is very very bad. So even with apps that work standalone with GPS Sony Smartwatch GPS makes no point in using them.

  • @Alexey R. I've actually found the Gear S to be OK. I have checked the distances/times against my Parkrun times and found them to be comparable - not exact but close enough and so far I have only had one instance where the GPS signal couldn't be found and it was slightly out on the distancing without it but on a known route it was OK. I've not had it drop out during a run either - there's still time though! I have to admit that I've not worked up to longer distances yet but over an hour's running it's been fine.

  • I see there will shortly by a Strava app for iWatch..., a watch that doesn't have GPS and therefore is totally useless for cycling!!  Surely an app for a smart watch that DOES have inbuilt GPS (thus allowing you to leave your phone at home whilst cycling/jogging) would have been resources better spent?

  • Please provide an update for the Gear S so I don't have to carry my phone or I will be forced to drop premium and go to Nike plus. Any update info?
  • I wish the company I choose to use cared as much about their customers as endomondo


  • Any updates on this? Is the feature in the works? I am thinking to use Endomondo or some other app and than try to import into Strava. But so painful. An ETA would be fantastic.

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