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Currently, the bar graph displays all activity over the last year, by week or month, and then also by time, distance, or elevation. As an avid runner and only occasional cyclist, It'd be nice if I could toggle by activity (bicycle vs running), as opposed to the way it is now, where my only option is to view the bar graph for all activities. Currently, when showing them combined, it doesn't really provide a useful representation of the data.

The problem is definitely exacerbated for myself, as I do 500 miles of biking in a single summer week, very minimal riding the rest of the year, but am running the whole year. I would love to be able to see this bar graph for *just* my running miles.

I think this would be a big thing, since so many running plans like to focus on weekly mileage.



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  • I would love to see this also. I do mostly running, but when I put a few rides in it throws the activities graph on my profile page out of whack, so I can't really see how my running has been progressing.

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  • As I'm looking at my end of year data, it becomes truly apparent. See the attached image.

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  • I would agree, this would be an amazing add. I really liked the profile bar graph, but just picked up biking and now it is meaningless. 

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  • Yes!! 3 years later and it's still something that really bothers me. The mobile version is pretty good about separating activity totals, but it'd be great to not have my sparse bike rides factored into my running totals.

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  • Agree. The activity summary "bar graph" on the profile page is very useful. Currently, you can display Time/Distance/Elev Gain and/or Weekly/Monthly. It would make all the sense to be able to sort the Activity Summary by activity, for example Bike/Run/Swim/All, similar to My Stats. You could even use the same icon buttons in My Stats for the Activity Summary for graphical consistency.

    It seems obvious and inherent that one would expect that they could sort Activity Summary by activity. As such, the absence of this feature is a void, in my opinion. Garmin Connect and Runkeeper have this feature.



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