Polarized Training Analysis for Strava Activities

So the web is awash with enthusiasm about polarized training (i'll drop some links in at the end of this...)

I wonder if Strava would please consider creating some features to help with this training model?

To elaborate, I am trying to train 80% below zone3, up to 10% in zone3 and the rest above zone3. This is shown widely to have positive results and yet neither Strava, nor any other online facilities, give much help with tracking efforts in these 3 key areas.

I have been taking this information manually off Strava and feeding it into a spreadsheet so that I can track how close I am to this 80/10/10 model and it has been helping me get off the plateau experienced by perpetual zone 3 (over)training.

I've attached a spreadsheet that shows how I've been tracking how my training fits this model. I've taken the info from my strava analyses. 

It just seems to me that Strava could roll this out in a heartbeat and lead the field on it... (haha!)

oh - and what would be really funky would be if strava could recommend to you how to balance your intensities for the next hh:mm:ss of training in order to maintain or return to polarisation...


So how's about it fellow Stravians - does this idea deserve a "me too" ????


some links...







polarized training tracker.xls


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  • Seriously!? This comment is 5 years old and no comments and only one upvote? I mean in these 5 years a 'me too' has gotten a bit tainted, but I will give this a +1 for sure, because polarized teaining is the bomb! More effective than HIIT.

    Strava could have led with this indeed. But better late than never... Go Strava! I might consider paying again if you add Polarized training analysis as suggested. The 80/8/12 percent divide is pretty concrete; though it's still unclear an ungoogleable for me wether these percentages are about percentage of time, percentage of distance or something else.

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