Show 'Laps' on the mobile app for runners

-Runners need to be able to see our 'laps' as the default on the activity screen, not splits! We also need to see laps on the mobile app There's a reason we hit the lap button on our watches...so we can customize our laps! Trying to do any kind of workout and analyze with Strava is near impossible and super frustrating.

-Along those lines, we really need to see tenths of a second on the laps screen. Doing a track workout and trying to analyze with Strava is pointless. Real runners do track workouts and need to see tenths of a second.



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    We've recently released a Premium feature called Workout Analysis, available on iOS and Android. With this feature you are able to analyze both laps (from a GPS device) and splits. 

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  • I agree with this. Strava's own calculated "Splits" are meaningless and quite often incorrect. Surely it's relatively simple to show "Laps" taken by the user on their own device. Given that the user has chosen to record a "Lap" is surely an indicator that this data is important to them, so be shown as priority over "Splits".

    In terms of the second point on this comment, I'd add a third - please can you show distance to two decimal places instead of one. A run I did yesterday that was 6.99miles shows on Strava as 6.9 (if your rounding worked correctly it should show as 7). This can affect Strava's calculation of pace.

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  • One other comment.  There are three areas that i believe would enhance runner needs.

    1) Better "lap" function on the running / stop watch (iPhone) + other apps.  TOP priority IMO.

    2) Multiple tags - "run" and "track or workout" available on website(1st), phone 2nd -  top-level to quickly tag and differentiate track workouts (i always include track in my title right now)  

    3) Ability to track splits in Strava web app - manually - and easily view them when browsing activities.  Let strava keeps it's own records, but also allow the user to modify or have their own fields for "laps".

    The goal here is to make it easy to see progress in 800 splits (name your distance) at a glance, without having to go into details of each track workout.  True, I know that I'm trending around 3:25  for the last 2 weeks. So a move to 3:20 this week, is easy to see and I probably know when it happened. But over the last 6-8 weeks, have I really progressed much in a series of 800 splits?  This is not easy to see today.  I have to go in/out of each workout and look at my notes.

    As a 10K and Half Marathon runner, I typically do track workouts like the following

    warm-up, 8x800, 4x400, warm down

    - so even if strava can't get the lap splits right, it would be nice if I could enter them manually (see item 3 above).



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  • Totally agreed with both of you! 

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  • Dear Strava,

    I agree with all comments. As most runners do a lot of interval training, why not add  a lap function in the app and the ability to see these lapped rounds/intervals on the app. I use my Garmin watch to track my activities. On the Strava site it is already  possible to see my lapped rounds/intervals and (active) rests. Then it should be easy to add this function on the mobile app ;-).

    And for the rest I'm very happy with your site and app.



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  • +1

    This is a vital feature that has been missing from the app for a long time. If it's viewable on the website there's no reason it can't be viable in the app too.

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  • Hi folks - please see the community post "View Laps from GPS devices in Strava mobile app" to add your comments and upvote. Or the post "Add a Lap button to the Strava Mobile App".Thanks. 

    Also, a good comment from @Golden Harper about track workouts and tenths of a second. 

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  • why keep ignoring this feature request for cycling?

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