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I have been riding in excess of 10 years and now know a lot of people whom ride. Some commuters, some sportif riders, and some racers.  I also know runners!

I restrict the number of people i follow because my feed gets so long I can't keep up.  This means i either give everyone kudos whether it be a simple lazy commute or whether it was an epic ride to tell your grandchildren.  I then miss the rides that deserve special attention such as those that are doing exceptional work for charities or those looking for results in their racing.

Ive done a personal survey amongst mates and they don't want kudos for a commute and also feel guilty they clog up everyones feeds.  Some turn the to work ride and from work ride into one which helps somewhat but it is an annoyance. I know dozens of commuters and its just painful.

Maybe let them "star" a ride if it has some importance due to a rapid time on a particular segment.

Any chance of somehow separating commutes from rides of interest?







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  • I have been thinking about this for some time. As I follow more and more people my activity feed has filled up with rides from those of us who commute on a daily basis. This means a lot of rides to scroll through to see the really interesting rides, such as big training rides and races. I've removed a lot of followers for this reason, just like Jason above.

    I also use the app to log my runs, and one of the features from that got me thinking. We you finish a run you are able to tag the run as a 'long run,' 'workout' or 'race' etc. This seems a useful function that could be applied to the cycling activities.

    *I note in the recent update it is now possible to 'tag' your ride as a commute, but I do not think this goes far enough*

    When you join multiple clubs on Strava the app allows you to swipe to the right for your clubs and then a drop-down arrow allows you to filter which club's activities you wish to see. If this sort of feature was combined with the tag feature for different cycling activities (e.g race, commute, training, etc.) then this would add a really valuable feature to the activity feed, allowing us to filter according to the activities that interest us the most.

    Another advantage would be that if a followee had done a race that I never saw because I did not check the app around the time after they uploaded, this feature I am suggesting would allow the user to scroll back through a series of helpfully tagged races and even give kudos for previous rides potentially ridden a while before the date of the search.

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  • Please Strava, give riders the possibility to hide commutes off the activity feed. It is really annoying to feel like a spammer of everybody's starting page... let the commutes count, use them for metro and city planning - but also let them be hideable. No one's interested in watching others commuting.

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  • Some people might be interested in watching commutes, but give us an option. I unfollowed some people that I would like to follow, but they had 2 commute rides everyday which wiped out all other important stuff from my feed.

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  • Please strava, give us an option to filter rides less than xx km!

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