All tied KOMs/QOMs/CRs should count and register on Profiles

Currently, if you equal a KOM, your achievement is only recognised on that segment's leader board. It is not recognised and does not appear in your personal list of KOMs on the 'KOMs/CRs' section of your profile page. This to me seems non-sensical and unfair, as that KOM only appears on the profile page of the person who first set the current KOM. Surely if two or more people have achieved the same time, they should each have it recognised in their personal list of KOMs on their profile page. It is by definition a shared record, and should be recognised by all who share it. 

Or, if it is only possible to recognise one person for whatever - as it currently appears to be - it should appear on the profile page of the premium member, as they are financially contributing to the Strava site.   



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  • And I personally disagree with Jeremy. This is not a race across the finish line. This is an accomplishment of magnitude. In 2015 two MLB players each hit 42 home runs. They shared the accomplishment. It was not awarded to the player who hit it first.

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  • Yep, fix it Stava! This is a shame!

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  • I just tied a KOM and am in the same boat. Total BS. Come on Strava use my payments to get that fixed.

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  • Lets bump this thread on again - It doesn't even really matter who achieved the KOM first its who synced their ride first, I have many segments that are completed in the same event, and just because the one rider synced their device first they get the KOM even if it was achieved a lap after or at the exact same time in a sprint .

    Still waiting for this to change, so that credit can be given to all who achieve the fastest times not just who synced their activity first.

    I don't think this will ever change as its been a good few years since this was requested, so we will all just have to be happy with how the system works for now.

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  • Totally agree with this, please have a look at this Strava! I've only just realised I technically have a KOM for a segment which is tied first place on the leaderboard. I don't know about the awarding of KOM to the person who uploaded first because I'm joint with someone who uploaded their time over 6 months later and I still don't have it! 

    The segment in question is one that originally had a rogue/inaccurate ending and clearly has been corrected by strava since I finished my attempts to get the fastest time a couple of years ago. I am since showing up as top of the leaderboard, however no recognition of this with a KOM.

    Please can you sort this Strava, there's no sense of reward otherwise and sad I never knew I had clocked up my first ever KOM that I worked hard at at the time. :(



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    If you are not going to award the KOM properly then don't give the KOM notification in the app!  It's that simple!


    a) remove the KOM notification in the app (which you get when you equal a KOM)


    b) award the KOM in my trophy case.

    If you are not going to do "b", which it seems after 5 years you are not then at least do "a" so I don't get excited thinking all my hard work has paid of and then discover I've only equalled it...., which would be fine, IF you gave my the trophy!

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  • With chronological feed order coming back, are we a chance for this next to be resolved?!?!

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  • On March 8 last year, Jeff said this wasn't "on Strava's road map." I've read that Strava has a new CEO who thinks listening to it's users might be a good idea... 

    Surely this is one of the longest support threads on Strava, and it can't be that hard to fix this bug. Even with the imperfect GPS technology we have, a tie is what all parties having the same time should be credited with. It's illogical to credit the fastest time semi-randomly to one of the tied parties, as now happens, since by definition there can be only one "fastest." There can be infinite ties though. 

    I refuse to pay a company who has no road map to fix their software bugs, so if you want my money for your product, please fix it.

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  • I have a ‘tied’ KOM where there are 3 of us with the same 1min 15sec time. However, when I do the comparison it clearly shows who was fastest in both the line charts and the map view. However the person with the KOM was chronologically first to register 1min 15 sec but actually the third fastest person with that time!

    grrr - I am fastest but just not by enough!

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