Automate syncing Strava activities to Apple Health

Hi guys,

I'm recording my activities on my Garmin 1000, or my Garmin fenix 3, and I noticed that I have to open every single activity on my iPhone if I want the datas to be pushed in Health App. Opening the app should be enough to start a sync process, and it's kind of annoying to have to launch every ride/run/activity to initiate a sync.

It's a *real* problem when you install the app for the first time, or uninstall/reinstall to solve an issue : you will not have any of your past activities synced in background with Health App. Withings HealthMate had a good idea to solve this things : a simple button to press after you linked their services with Health "Start syncing my datas with Health".

I hope you'll can fix it in the next update.



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