Time on the X-axis option

It would be great to have a toggle button for the X-axis of activity graphs to switch between time and distance.  Not just for indoor activities, where distance doesn't even exist, but for outdoor training like intervals where you'd like to see HR over time, or elevation over time instead of just distance.  This is easy in Garmin Connect - wish Strava had a toggle button for this too.


-Stefan Griebel



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  • ++

  • Also available in  movescount. Please add this to strava. 

  • Agreed - it's crazy that Strava doesn't have this!!

  • This is long overdue. It should be quite simple to add this functionality so it beats me why it has not yet been implemented.

  • Please, when are you doing this. Runners want and need this. I have started using TrainingPeaks just because of thi. I certainly wont be upgrading to premium with such lack of running functionality

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