Sync Routes from Strava to Garmin device

I love the mapping and routing capabilities on Strava. I love being able to find a route that friends have done and then go do that same route. It's obviously very easy to view that route while riding on a smart phone with the Strava app running. However I recently purchased a Garmin Edge 1000 for my cycling GPS and it's certainly lacking in some mapping features. In order to bring a route from Strava to the Garmin, it's a multi-step process. Download the GPX file to your computer, hook up the Garmin to the computer via USB, then manually transfer the file from your computer to the Garmin. It takes longer than it really should. Imagine if you could search for a new route on Strava desktop or mobile app, then seamlessly send that route to your device or to Garmin Connect?! This would be a game changer. Would love to see this feature in a future update...


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  • Got sick if waiting. Jumped ship and bought a Wahoo Element. Life is better. Will never be coming back

  • @ElleAnderson @Strava in October 2016 you mentioned that this functionality is in the making. Could you please update us on the status? We love to see this happening!

  • I do wan't to stay focused here so it doesn't hurt our cause I love my Garmin however we all know the battle now is over user data. There are things Garmin does well and there are things Strava does well and it would benefit both if they would share courses. For example strava has elevation but if you import a ride and try to change a existing ride its terrible Garmin doesn't do elevation well but does make it easy to import a ride a change it for a new route. Remember this isn't a Garmin forum so complaining about that here will actually hurt our cause as Strava would want to distance themselves from that. Another company could make a better service site or a device but it would be difficult for a company to do both thats why I hope strava reads this and sees the benefits of working with garmin to share routes so we can write 1 route in either Garmin or Strava and both companies benefit.

  • Elle Anderson ... are we waiting for Strava to make this happen or should we urge Garmin? 

  • It is posibble now. It just requires a little extra work :/

    1.Export your route to GPX
    2.Go to some converter. (e.g http://www.gpsies.com/convert.do) and convert this file to "GPX Track"
    3.Go to https://connect.garmin.com/modern/import-data an uplod this converted file as new acitivity
    4.Go to this new imported activity and "Save as route" (settings button at the top right corner activity)
    5.Now you can send this route to your Garmin device, Enjoy it!

    Important note!:
    Do not forgget delete the imported activity in Garmin account. Because if you do not do it you get the next time you import next route a mistake. "This activity already exists." without more details.


  • @ElleAnderson updating?

  • Yes, we are working on this feature with Garmin, but no timelines are available at this time. I will of course keep everyone informed as best I can! 

  • i can't believe it's not automatically available yet.. though it seems quite straightforward to just copy over the tdx file to the garmin 'new folder' sub directory... will see if it actually works though (not sure why the method above is more complex!)


    Come on Garmin, I can't afford to buy a competitor, and don't want to get lost on the jungles of Thailand - there are tigers out here!!@!

  • We need this, Strava!

  • I wanted to download a few routes created on Strava to my Edge 1000 and did not have access to a PC. I tried the routeCourse IQ app, based on the tip from Benedikt Fuß on page 1 of this answer thread. This worked like a charm, I could download Strava routes to my Garmin via my cell phone. I had to enter the Strava route URL for each of the routes I wanted to import (copy-paste), so it is still a few steps, but this works and solved my problem. Still would love the requested feature, though.

  • I would also like to see this feature - I think Wahoo are slowly edging past Garmin in the cycle computer/GPS market. 

  • This would be extremely useful. I want to use my Fenix 3 to explore new routes but its such a hassle to get routes onto GC...

  • +1!

  • Hi

    Im trying to Download a route from strava on my Sony xperia z2 to Garmin Edge 520 but cant get the 2 to talk to each other am i missing something or can it just not be done. I'm reading above that i cant download anyway so am i waisting my time trying just now untill it can be. done. I can follow route on my phone i suppose, its just that its through some mountains.



  • get with the times garmin. 

  • I love Strava route planning and use this quite regularly, its a real shame that these routes cannot be sync with my 520 Edge. Garmin make some great hardware, however as usual they are massively let down by the software, I can't even see how to import a GPX route into Garmin connect course.

    A friend just sent me a GPX route for a future trip and it's look like the only option I have is re-plot the route in Garmin connect, really disappointing.

    I guess Garmin want to keep you in their ecosystem, however I'm actually thinking of now changing over to wahoo, which seems to be years ahead in terms of Strava and course integration.

  • Just copy the GPX file to the Edge unit with a computer. It should go in the Garmin/Newfiles directory.

    After the Edge restarts the route will show up.

  • Hey Mel, 

    While it's not super-slick, here's how you should be able to do it. 

    1. Export your Strava route as GPX

    2. Plug your Garmin into your computer via USB 

    3. Open up the Garmin as a device on your machine (My Computer / Finder)

    4. Open the folder Garmin / New Files (or similar)

    5. Drop the GPX file into the folder

    6. Eject/Unmount your Garmin. 

    7. Turn on your Garmin and you should find the route under SAVED COURSES. 


  • Yeah you can do it with extra apps on the phone or a PC, but would LOVE this feature to be automated and easy to use....

  • If you have a newer Edge with support for IQ apps, you can install the routeCourse app. This allows you to download routes wireless via your mobile. Works like a charm. Also check out the dynamic watch routeplanner that allows you to create routes on your mobile and then transfer them wireless to your Edge. Very handy when on the road and you change your plans.

  • Coming this summer! 

  • This summer! That is very good news elle @strave . Until than Jarls routeCourse option seems to work pretty good! Thanks !

  • I have a Garmin 25 and really like the hardware nothing fancy but hits all my point I can't use any of the other work around so I am excited that it is coming this summer and know lots of people who will benefit as well.

  • @Elle Anderson, I was wondering if you have an update on this yet?

  • Thanks Jarl Petter K.

    that worked a treat 👍

  • My garmin stopped charging so I bought a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. It wipes the floor with Garmin with regard to connectivity. Bit embarrassing for Garmin

  • I have been trying to upload gpx files to my Forerunner 310XT.  I was sometimes successful in the past, but don't get it to work with Garmin Connect these days.  The files come from GSPies.  I can import them into Connect, but not even convert them into Courses.  I get a 'blue screen':


    Sorry, but it appears that an error occurred.
    What To Do Now?
    • Refresh this page
    • Hit the back button on your browser and try the action again
    • Return to this page in a few minutes
    • Contact Customer Support

    What kind of useless error message is this?  Of course, no refresh an not back button, and no waiting for a few minutes changes anything.  It just doesn't work.
    Directly uploading to the device gives another - equally useless - error message.
    Still waiting for the customer support to respond to my email.

    Maybe the hardware is best in class.  But the software is second rate at best.  And looking at all the complaints users post in different forums, Garmin is either not able to address these software issues, or just doesn't care.  Maybe they make their money with sleep tracking rather then activity tracking.

  • Any updated info, last from Strava was, this is coming summer 17. This is summer 17, july in fact.

  • Thank you to Jari. The routeCourse app does work, provided you have the acceptable device.

  • Elle, any news about the "new" feature? Summer is nearly over.

    It would be fair for the community to get an exact date from you.



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