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It would be great to be able to easily filter certain activities on your own feed, for example you might be following someone and interested in their runs or bikes but not their two mile walks into work.  So it would be great to be able to either hide these or stop them from coming into the feed timeline.




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  • also it would be great to filter people in the feed. even if you only follow 20 people it often gets to crowded in the feed.
    I would like to see/ignore certain people I follow temporarily without not following them anymore.
    just a popup menu similar to flyby, where you can check and uncheck the people you want to see.
    also filter manually added activities, e.g. '50 min. weights, etc

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  • I purposely follow a limited number of people so I can see ALL of their activities. Just another dissenting voice against algorithms in social media. Give control to the people who use it...filters and sort by options are the way forward.

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  • I'm a cyclist. I really don't care about running activities or gym workouts. Let us filter by "sport" type and show me only cycling activities.

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  • I totally agree with this suggestion and I know that there are may other people who would like to filter out commutes and short activities. I would like to get some feedback from someone at Strava regarding that suggestion, are you considering this suggestion?

    Thank you!

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  • Yes!!! That would be awesome! I am getting tired of scrolling for 5 minutes till I see something interesting. People are posting walking sessions around the house, for 500m and stuff like that. Many of them have 200 logs a year that are always identical, to work and from work scheme... I know that I have unfollow option but sometimes I want to see some great rides.

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  • Can someone from Strafa development team give us their insight about this suggestion?

    Thank you!!!!! :)

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