What does the "commute" button actually do?

What does the "commute" button actually do?  I bike commute a lot and I try to always click this button assuming that I could filter my activity logs for commutes.  Well I've actually tried that and don't see that it is an option.  So what does clicking that button do?



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  • Hi Ed, 

    The commute option is a bit of a relic of a former feature, and doesn't serve a specific function with any Strava features right now. I think we've kept it around because we'd like to do something more with that tag in the future. Do you have any ideas for how you think this tag could be leveraged on Strava?

  • Hi Elle,


    I used to never log/Strava my bike commute miles.  Then I started to so I could get a more complete picture of my total bike miles and I figured that commuting counted.  But I didn't want my daily commutes to be showing up on the "Your Friends Have Logged Some Miles" emails that Strava sends out.  So I would make all of my commutes Private so they wouldn't show be visible.  I also marked them as commutes based on the logic in my original post.  I later stopped marking the commutes as Private so I could get credit for them in various Challenges and goals, but I have continued to mark them as commutes.  I think a useful result of the commute button, in addition to the ability to sort our activity logs for them that I mention in the OP, would be to exclude them in the "Your Friends Have Logged Some Miles" emails.  Even exclude them from other people's activity feeds, because to me commutes imply that they are routine and unexciting and not worth sharing.  Sort of a Private-Light setting like the Unlisted option for a Youtube video.  The commute activity isn't necessarily private or hidden from view, but it is also not shared or broadcasted like a typical public activity.  

  • You might consider offering expanded gear configurations in commute mode to dial in extra gear weight etc. in wattage estimates.

  • Here's what I'd like to do with a "commute" tag:  My own feed is 10 commutes + 4-5 runs/rides for exercise each week.  I worry that the commutes are spamming my followers.  I'd love a feature where I could have only my exercise runs/rides, and not my commutes, show up in my followers' feeds.

  • Jeff K has made a much clearer statement of what I was hoping to say in my March 4 response, thanks Jeff!  I don't want my activities labeled as "commutes" to appear on my followers' activity feeds.  But I'm not concerned about them being private or for excluding a portion of a commute from a public segment match.

  • I would like too my commute rides to be hidden from my followers. 

  • I agree to the previous. Commutes should not show up and spam followers, but they should count for km/miles in challenges and other overviews. Currently when I put them as private activities I don't see when I improved myself on segments or they won't count in challenges.  

  • Totally agree with the spamming aspect of my commutes but want them to count towards challenges.
  • There is a current feature suggestion for sorting and filtering the Dashboard Feed better, which could include a way to filter out commutes: 


    Perhaps a few of you would like to vote and add your feedback there! 

  • Well this is interesting and the Commute Button could be a useful flag for this type of data.

  • I think by default anything tagged with "commute" should be filtered from followers' streams UNLESS you break some kind of segment threshold (top 10 overall?).  I'll add the suggestion to the RFE.

  • Keep the feedback coming folks! I'm organizing a project with a few co-workers to discuss how the commute tag could be better utilized by Strava. I'll be sure to incorporate the feedback here! 

  • The main function 'commute' serves for me is that it allows me to compile/filter rides based on that criteria alone. Doesn't matter to me if followers see it, as a ride is a ride. As it stands now, I have to remember which rides were commutes, or remember to add the word 'commute' in some way to the ride title for filtering. This seems like a relatively easy code change. Thanks, Elle.

  • I would love to be able to go back and see how many miles I commuted each month/year. It's really motivating to see how much gas I save when I ride instead of drive!

  • I agree with the comments above - I don't want to see commutes in the activity feed (but am open to the idea of only showing them if they break a PB or top 10 leaderboard etc), and I also want to be able to show a summary of number of commutes separately from normal rides. I would also like to be able to filter based on commutes in the training views/lists.

    This feature is the only reason I still have to upload to Garmin Connect (where I mark them as "Transportation") and then am able to count how many commutes versus rides (allowing calculation of money saved, and KMs in commute versus training rides, etc).

  • I think a great way to use the commute function would be to exclude commutes from followers feeds, but at the end of the week put something like "Will biked to work 4 out of 5 days this week". That would allow for kudos on biking to work, but not the worry of spamming folks with your everyday commute

  • definitely want to record my daily commute but not share/bore friends with it. Whilst with a friend they vented their frustration at having to sift through others commutes. My manual work around is to keep the commutes on the Garmin until end of month, then do the lot in one go so that they don't go out to friends as an regular email update. love the idea of being able to filter by commute so that I can check out my annual/monthly commute.

  • I know this is a four month old thready but I think commuting button could be like the run option for logging miles.  Where it actually records your commuting miles in a different data base.  Like right now when you look at your profile you have bars for each week.  Orange for cycling, and green for running.  Maybe commuting could go down as a blue color and the users could use it to gauge how much of their total cycling is commuting or otherwise recreation.  If people want to exclude their commutes from spamming people maybe that could be something setup in the settings area.  Also it would be cool to have something like nationalbikechallenge.org.  Their site needs a lot of work but they have a cool idea.  My workplace somehow is involved and I think it would be cool to see Strava be more involved with cycling communities nationwide, not just for the hardcore cyclists.

  • I just want to be able to filter activities in a view to only show commutes for a specific date range, and then give me a distance total for those commute rides.

    And PLEASE put a Commute button in the iPhone app where I save/upload the activity!

  • I'm currently looking at my speed data for a month on month comparison - what would be highly useful (as well as the suggestions earlier in the thread that would be handy) would be an "exclude / include commutes" flag on the training calendar. So I can see my aggregate non-commuting rides as well as my commuting. As is the simple how many miles vs how many hours calculation is an easy way of pulling averages, but its heavily skewed by slow commuting miles vs fast racing / club rides

  • All excellent feedback! Thanks so much. We're currently discussing how to design the best features to highlight commute data, so this is all relevant. Thanks! 

  • I think some others have already mentioned this but I'd like my commutes to show up separate to my other cycling under stats. I've previously never logged my commute but now I want to in order to track the mileage on my bike components better. But I don't want it to dilute my distance per ride average or my average speed.

  • It would be useful if rides with the commute tag wasn't included in the "Average speed over the last 4 weeks" when creating a route.


    I often cycle a lot slower to work, so that I'm not sweaty when I get there.

  • Lots of comments! This might have been mentioned, but it would be great if rides tagged as Commutes could be tallied every month, and then I could easily submit the total to my employer for commute reimbursement/incentives. Would also make it easier to "compete" with other bike commuters for total miles, etc.

  • Perhaps include an extra button "Commute+" which means that the ride was not just a direct door to door commute. I commute to work via bicycle, but many times on the route home I will not cycle directly home and will add in more miles on the ride compared with the direct route

  • I agree with a few above - i'd love to be able to filter my rides by those tagged with Commute just to see how many miles I've ridden and avoided driving this year. My commute is 24-28 miles each way, so I use it as training so don't want it to be removed from my activity feed or monthly average speed/miles total etc. If this is the case then I just won't use the commute button, I've only been using it recently as I was hoping to find an option to let me filter it, as, like others above, it's quite motivating to know how much diesel I've saved!

    Also agreed with above -  I might not take the most direct route home so as to add in more miles, so removing commute distance from totals doesn't make that much sense for those of us who do that.

  • Hope that you come up with a solution for the commute option very soon, otherwise there is no meaning at connecting Strava with Garmin Connect when you cannot see your mileage divided in commute and training mileage. I don't know if the "E........"-word is allowed in this board, but they offer it. Otherwise, why don't you just add "Commute" to the activity type instead of this button (and at the same time "Mountainbiking" :-)

  • The Strava Metro thing mentioned earlier is one good reason to log commutes in Strava. At the moment it looks like it's aimed at 'businesses', rather than individuals, but perhaps at some point it could be used to aid route planning.

    Also, Strava could think about doing some more interesting analysis of commute rides - e.g. analysing the speed data to estimate how many traffic light stops were made. On this note, I am more interested in my actual overall time (i.e. door-to-door) than moving time for commutes.

  • I would like the Strava app to allow for selecting "Commute" for an activity detail.  

  • Agree, the main thing I would like from the commute tag is to be able to see my yearly/monthly commuting mileage, I would love to know how much money I've saved over the year.

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