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  • I like this addition.  I did not know it was now a feature, but can think of a few times I wish it was available.  I will go back to those activities and try it out

  • Where is the "Don't see the segment you're looking for" button? Has this feature been removed?

  • I can't see any 'Don't see the segment you're looking for" button on my Strava activities. How do I get it to appear?

  • Sorry Bruce and David! This tool is back up as of today. Thanks for the heads up. 

  • Thanks. This is very useful!

  • I like the idea, but it doesn't seem to correct anything based on GPS error.  

    Is there a threshold of error, before you can "override" the fault, and confirm something is actually the segment it should be?

    I have seen my GPS tracking line "drift" on several occasions since I ride a good deal around mountainous and wooded terrain.  Yet, unless this feature allows some rectification or even just a comparison of time/effort, I'm not sure I see a benefit. 

  • Hi Eric, a very good question -

    This is just a starting point for a feature that could grow. For now, there are no features to correct the GPS or force a segment to match. You can still reach out to us for assistance with that. We're hoping the tool as it currently stands will give Strava users insight into segment matching and education around GPS drift issues, from a visualization standpoint. Naturally, some users already have a good grasp of this concept! 

    However, this tool gives us great potential to develop the concept further into a tool that can do much more for our users. Very much something we're hoping to do. Thanks!

  • I had a look at it yesterday and yes, it's interesting to see why a particular segment failed to be recognised. It's still a mystery though why I should get satellite 'drift' when people riding with me have no problems at all. Maybe I'll go back to having both my Garmin Edge and my Android phone switched on and tracking the ride.

    It would be really great to have this tool developed further so that we users can correct our own missing segments. I look forward to that.


  • Yes it is a great addition, but needs some way of aligning and adding the user to the segment leaderboard times.

    Also, it should not exclude the segments that have already matched up for the activity because you may have ridden segments multiple times (laps).

    At the moment it just basically it tells me I need a new GPS with the addition of GLONASS.

  • Elle -- this is a very nice new feature. I used it after I realized two segments were missing. It turns out that my Garmin GPS drifted. Using the new feature just settled the problem without me losing sleep over it (yes, we can lose sleep over missing segments ;-)

  • Glad to hear it Laurent! And thanks to everyone else for the continued feedback. 

  • I am still having the same issue.  There is a segment that I ride, that comes up when I search 'Segments,' that I have ridden over 100 times.  I am currently the KOM on this segment but since my last ride before winter (November 7), at no time has Strava recognized when I ride the section.  I've ridden about 10 times and when I finish my ride, touch the trophy icon that should show me my current time on that segment, it just says, 'No segments found.'  ???????

        March 21, 2014 09:39 AM
  • Hi Shane, This sounds like something our support team can dig into if you'd like to start a direct support request! We have some additional visibility into this on our end, and we can research why a segment does or does not match in addition to the Visualizer mentioned in this post. 

    Click "Submit Request" at the top of this page or click here: https://strava.zendesk.com/requests/new
    Please pass along as much information as possible so our Support team can help you!  

  • Excellent idea - probably saves you and we time and effort. Thank you.

  • I like the feature. However, to me it seems the algorithm could use some improvement. It seems segments are matched with the activity until there is a mismatch, and then it doesn't matter what happens afterwards. An example of a segment I almost got today is provided in the link below. It says 56% match, but should be 97% or something, as the only place I took a shortcut is where the purple arrow is.

  • it's not working for me since (at least) the last two days. it worked in the past. but now, when i select a potential segment match, it only zooms on the specific segment on the map, but the detailed explanation on the right does not appear (only the loading circle does). same problem with all potential matches.

  • Sorry about that Tron! Looks like it's a known issue. We'll try and get this fixed asap. Thanks for the report! 

  • I am experiencing this problem too. I have tried on multiple activities and browsers. When I click on a segment to match, the progress indicator spins for 3 seconds but nothing else happens.

  • It's a great idea but it doesn't seem to work.  I see a list of the potential matches and when I select one I get a progress indicator to the right and then nothing.

    Here is my ride:  http://www.strava.com/activities/224564478

    Here is the missing segment:  http://www.strava.com/segments/3354811

  • Adding screen shot for previous post as attachment.

  • I'm seeing the same problem as tron, stuart, and patty.  I click on the unmatched segment, get the progress wheel on the right then it goes blank.  I do not get a display in the top window of the unmatched segment.  Only my route stays there grayed out. 

  • Hi, I'm also experiencing the same issue as Patty, both when I'm using Chrome on a Windows computer and Safari on my iPad

  • What Raymond M. said!! I click on the unmatched segment I rode...spinning priogress thing....then nothing, no green segment or info.??

  • Yesterday (http://www.strava.com/activities/227509581) I ran into the same round as last Monday (http://www.strava.com/activities/225206850) , but missed half of the segments. Tried the Potential Segment Match analysis tool, but unfortunately it faild working. please fix the Potential Segment Match analysis tool.



  • Sorry for the reported loading troubles with the Potential Segment Match tool! I've tested the various examples posted here, and everything is working fine for me.

    If some of you are still seeing an issue with this tool, can you tell me which browser you're using? Thanks! 

  • When using the "Don't see the segment you're looking for" button, I get a match of loads of potential segments, but not the private segment I created. Should the private segment have been picked up or are private segments not searched for potential matches?

    My ride is https://www.strava.com/activities/279486145 and segments is https://www.strava.com/segments/7786885

    Great feature and real progress, thanks for you help.

  • Is it just me, or is the button for this tool not clickable now?  The words are there, but I can't seem to click on it.  

  • Just raised a support call on this. The tool is still there as from the segments page if you put potential-segment-matches instead of segments in the URL it comes up.

    Using inspect element (on Chrome) you can see the markup looks OK - below is one of my activities. Looks then that the definition of the class minimal is not rendering the link somehow.

    <a class="minimal" href="/activities/53656028/potential-segment-matches">
    Don't see the segment you're looking for?

  • In general the tool works well, but it seems that if I do several efforts on a particular segment, it can only show the first mismatch.

    This is usually not a problem on the (open) road where satellite reception isn't a problem, but when doing MTB in the woods it happens from time to time that one effort out of several on a segment gets missed (although I'm following the same trail) and the missing match tool fails to list it. Being able to analyze several attempts would be a great feature.

  • As Andy Norris said" When using the "Don't see the segment you're looking for" button, I get a match of loads of potential segments, but not the private segment I created". How can I search my private segments as well?

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