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    On choosing the order of your photos on an activity:

    Android: The order of the photos will now be the order they are selected in the photo picker (or the order when they are added and saved, if you are adding them one by one).

    iOS is coming soon but for the time-being iOS photos will still be by the timestamp on the photos. 

    For both platforms, you can still designate the highlight photo


    On Adding photos from the Strava Website:

    This work is tentatively schedule for later this year. 


    On Uploading Photos to Club discussions:

    Club admins can now upload photos in a club post which will appear in the feed of all club members. 


    On uploading photos from other albums, shared albums, or cloud storage apps:

    No plans at this time but we are monitoring the amount of community feedback.


    On disappearing photos from your profile:

    The number of photos on your profile page is capped at 100. Instagram photos do not count but deleted photos but count towards the count of 100. So if you have uploaded 100 pictures, and delete 100 pictures, you would not see any. If you uploaded 200 photos and they were all from Instagram you would see 200 photos.

  • Looks promising, except I'm not seeing the "Add a Photo" icon listed in step "A" on any of my previous activities, nor on any new test activities I've just added.

  • Hi Ricardo - The new photos feature will be slowly released over the next 48 hours to the entire Strava community. Please check back later!

  • Hi Elle,

    This is great news, brilliant work! The new and improved segments filtering and presentation of "my results" in app also looks very good indeed.

    Keep up the great work!

    Best regards,

    Karl Wallevik

  • Got it.  Thanks, Elle!

  • That's fine for people who use phones (Android or iPhone) but what about those of us who are using Garmin or other such devices, how about some support for us so we can also add photos from our computers, tablets, and similar internet connected devices? The majority of the people I know and ride with DO NOT use phone apps to record their rides!!!!

  • Elle, my ability just went live and looks as-described in the instructions!  Thanks!

    @John Moran, I too never record any activities with the Strava app.  I use it to aggregate, analyze and share my activities with others that are uploaded to the site from Garmin.  But that doesn't relegate this feature to useless, though it would be good to add photos via the regular website too!

  • I see that the version 4.4 requires Android 4.0 and above, will this stay from now on? I still have android version 2.3.6 but it works fine for what I use it.

  • @Tine - that is correct about the required version of Android needed to use Strava app v4.4. I'm sorry that we are no longer able to support version 2.3.6! You can continue using the Strava app version you have now, but you won't be able to access the new features.

    @John - you raise a great point. For Strava athletes without a smartphone running the latest version of the app, the photo options recently released are not available. Just a note - you do not need to record with the Strava app to be able to share photos. In fact, you could capture photos along your ride using any camera, and you would only have to transfer the photos to your phone to post them to a Strava activity through the Strava app. You could even upload a Garmin activity then go to the Strava app and add photos. Hope that helps clarify! 

  • Surely the Strava team are aware that most serious riders do not record their rides with phone apps (they have the data). I do not see any place on the (Safari) browser activity edit screen that lets me upload a photo. Perhaps that capability is being rolled out soon?

  • Great step forward, a little disappointed a desktop version for uploading hasn't been released at the same time. Hope this is available in the near future.

    I use my Garmin to record activities and have a compact dslr camera I use for shooting in raw format.
  • Elle, is there a #hashtag system for the manually uploaded strava photos?
  • @Richard - see my previous comment; you don't need to record with the Strava app to be able to attach photos! After you record and upload to Strava with another GPS device, simply open the Strava app on your phone, choose the activity, select edit and attach any photos you want from your phone's photo storage. They can be photos taken from anytime, anywhere and there is no time limit as to when you can attach photos to your activities. Hope that helps! 

  • @Tim - no hashtags for photos at this time, but it's a great suggestion :)

  • @Elle:

    I do not have, nor want to use, the Strava phone app. I use a desktop app to record my rides from my Garmin. If I take a photo, it will be on my desktop, which I would then like to add from the desktop activity edit screen.

  • @Richard, thanks for clarifying. The current release pertains only to the Strava mobile apps (iOS/Android). Perhaps we will consider a photo feature from the Strava website in the future. At this time, there are no plans. 

  • I'll chime in with the others who are hoping for desktop support. Part of the hassle of using Instagram for Strava photos is when I have to transfer photos from my camera to my desktop to my phone (or from my camera to my phone) so that I can upload them. I and those who follow my Strava account love good photos.. which is why I carried a great point-and-shoot while summit Mount Elbert today. :-)

    Still, this capability in and of itself is a great step forward. Just wanted Strava to know that one more small step forward would be great! 

  • I wanted to keep quiet, Elle, but how the hell can there be "no plans" to support this on the website? This is absolutely ridiculous. Not everyone has an iPhone or Android, and even if they did, having mobile-only features simply doesn't make any sense. Yeah, it's great that Strava finally implemented this, but you did it in a way that shows just how clueless you all are.

    (Also, why the hell do the people who actually care about the feature and have become beta testers and followed the discussion and whatnot need to be the last to actually receive the feature? Is there really no one sane person in your engineering team?)

  • And once again, the inability of others' to cogently communicate ideas in a constructive manner has me ejecting from yet another thread.


    Good luck!  100 steps forward isn't accomplished without taking 1 step first.

  • I have to agree with Tomas. This is only one small step which may appease the phone users but most of the older, very serious cyclists I know do not use phone apps and don't have any interest in jumping through hoops (transferring photos all over the place just to be able to post them to Strava). Most of the serious cyclists I know worldwide who are asking to see our local photos and rides and now being referred to Facebook and YouTube to see what we do here. I'm working on getting more videos up now with my GoPro camera. Posting to other sites is EXTREMELY SIMPLE whether it be photos or video so it's frustrating that Strava is so far back in the dark ages when it comes to progress. Come on now, desktop support should be happening now!

  • @Tomas - we really appreciate your feedback here, and just because there are no plans now does not mean that we won't develop a way to attach photos using the Strava website in the future. That is what makes feedback forums like this so important. To answer your question about a beta - we didn't have beta testing with this version of the app, but it was tested internally. Regardless, we'd still love to hear your feedback about the photo integration on our mobile app.

    Thanks again @John for adding your thoughts to the thread. We'll certainly consider your perspective going forward. 

  • Glad that Strava is doing something, but sorry that a web version wasn't first. "No plans"? Seriously?
  • I agree it would be nice to add photo's through strava web, but it is a step forward. Tried it out today & it worked on my iphone.  But the strava app seemed hung afterwards.  I had to delete the app then re-install it again.

  • @Dave - sorry for the issues with the app hanging. We will investigate this report along with some other issues we've been hearing about with the 4.4 release. 

  • I just went for a quick spin, took a photo while I was out. Got home, transfered the activity from Garmin to the pc. Loaded the phone app, edited the activity, uploaded the photo, then I went to add a description to explain the photo and relised there was not an option for this. :sadface:

    1. Needs inclusion of adding a description to each photo.
    2. Desktop support. I'm very supprised this was not released at the same time and even more supprised there is no current plans.

    A new can off worms has been opened.

    1. Enable #hashtags in the description. This would be ideal for events, clubs, challenges, etc.
    Photos could then appear on the respective club pages or challenge page etc.
    2. Tagging. Tag other stava users in your photos. (require privacy options for users not wanting to be tagged).
  • May I have the name of the Engineer which implements the feature, I'd like to give him some kudos!

  • Ohhh yess! :) Finally! 
    Now roll it out quickly on the web version also, so I don't have to start to mail my photos to my phone and upload them from there. 
    And please have them displayed bigger on the page. All in all those 640 px of the instagrams are a PITA (excuse my french), even on small screens. All the more on normal or even Retina screens.

    Is that true - no plans for the web version? Oh come on, you are kidding me. Phones are Phones. Computing power, viewing pleasure and ease of strolling through my mates activities as well as analyzing my own activities are at the very least on retina screen tablets and even better on laptops or desktops. They all share the web version. Phones only share the tiny phone app. I don't use the phone, I don't want to use the phone. And I don't want to be reminded every time I use Strava, that I'm forced through a tiny and awkward interface in form of a smartphone app.

  • Ditto on adding photo upload to website!

  • Thanks Elle. Just managed to upload few of the photos to my old activities. Brilliant!

  • Just noticed the photos on main profile page does not take you to the activity. It shows a null page when you click on Go to activity. https://www.strava.com/activities/null

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