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  • Hmm. No time to implement photo uploads, but a whole lot of development time went into this worthless POS "Year in Sport"...  https://2016.strava.com/en-us/share/186798/


  • Comment deleted due to futility.

  • @Paul Lohnes---I was thinking the same thing.  That was pretty lame and a waste of time.

  • If someone uploads a photo for a ride, and I want to include the same photo for my ride, as we were riding together, I have to do the following.

    1) go to the Strava desktop website on my laptop
    2) open the image
    3) use Dev Tools web inspector to find the URL of the image
    4) copy/paste the URL and open in a new tab
    5) save the image to my laptop
    6) send the image to my phone using e.g. iMessage on Mac, or AirDrop, WhatsApp, or similar
    7) open Messages on my phone, select 'Save' for the image I've sent, to get it into my camera roll
    8) Open Strava app on phone, upload the photo.

    PLEASE could you just add a 'Save Photo' option when viewing photos on the Strava app (alongside 'Report Photo') .. would save me (and I guess many others) such a headache!

    Also, having an option to view the photos full-screen in the app would be great, and to be able to swipe through them.

  • Jonny, can you really be bothered to go through all of that to post an image on Strava. Much as I like using Strava and would like to post an image simply from my laptop, in the greater scheme of things Strava isn't that important to me. Throughout this thread they've shown a total disregard for the requests asking for this feature from members and keep stone walling the question and clearly have no intention of doing anything about it. Time available to their developers is nonsense as I think we all understand this is technically a fairly simple thing to do.

  • Over the past several years it has become completely evident that STRAVA really doesn't care what user's (even Premium users) want. They have their own agenda which doesn't include making it possible for us to create challenges OR to upload photos from our desktops. SO, we might as well just save our time and not post any more comments on these subjects. However, some outside developers have made it possible to create challenges so we should probably look outside of STRAVA for any real improvements or developments. That's what I did.

  • That's exactly why I discontinued my membership.  First, they got rid of google street view--an essential feature to scope out landmarks in a route.  Secondly, the made their UI worse--the first generation UI was so much better and easier to navigate.  Thirdly, no way to upload photos from my computer--so basic a requirement in any social media site.

  • Dear Elle Anderson, or any other Strava representative,

    Sometimes photos taken on a ride need to be edited before posted. Eg blurring other peoples' faces (for their privacy) or simply improving the picture. Such tasks can probably in theory be executed on a small phone screen, but most of us would need a desktop computer. 

    But the edited photo can then not be loaded into my Strava profile...
    That is very irritating.

    Maybe you should start counting the number of frustrated posts on this topic, and reconsider the priorities of Strava. Since 2015, when this thread was opened, I have not experienced ANY development of the app, that has improved Strava (even premium, such as I) users' experience even close to what an upload-picture-from-computer function would!

  • @Jonny

    If a page is set up so you have to dig through the dev tools, then they are making an attempt to protect ones intellectual property. For this reason, there is no way they would include a save photo option.


    An option that says "hey, we see your were on a joint ride with **insert name** and they shared this photo" Would you like it linked to your activity?"

    Or just have that option to click and have it linked to your activity.

    Either way, its really straying of topic on this dieing thread. Better off starting a new thread.

  • It is AMAZING just how much Strava does not care about the feedback from their users. For two plus years, people have been clamoring for the ability to upload from a MAc or a PC...and Strava has literally done nothing and said nothing. Nothing.

    Why on Earth anyone would pay for Premium when the SIMPLEST of functionality is missing.


    Does the CEO see these message boards? A better question: does he even give a sh*t???

  • Maybe start posting our grievances on their FB page.



  • Why can I not have more than 60 photos in my profile? When I upload a new photo the oldest disappear from my profile site.

  • I've recently noticed that older photos loaded over year ago are no longer on my profile. Does Stava delete pictures after a while. Is there a way to get back those pictures.

    If they get deleted that would defeat the purpose of uploading them at the first place. A photo is a life memory of a fun time captured and frozen forever. Or until the backup drive fails ;)

  • Many thanks for the 3 (at least) users who suggested Android emulation on a PC using BLUESTACKS ... will try that!

  • I've also noticed that a lot of photos have been removed from the profile page. They are still on the activity but is very frustrating to not see all the old photos on the profile page. 

  • On Android, when I view other people's photos I can only see the 1st photo, the other photos never load successfully. 

  • Why aren't the photos shown on map based on timestamp? I record my activities with Garmin devices and I don't want to enable Location on my phone just to geotag the photos.


    The GPS track have timestamp and coordinates, the photos have timestamp which mean you can link the images to coordinates. Lightroom (photo editing software) have a function like this where you can upload a gpx track and it geotags the images based on timestamp.

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