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  • Any update on adding photos to your activity via your PC?

  • Really, add the desktop option .........

  • Actually, the initial photo upload request thread https://strava.zendesk.com/entries/22073359 started over a year ago (not months). Get a clue, Strava!

  • +1 for website upload. I have tried the APP but smartphone GPS is just not good enough so I use a GPS watch and manually upload each file - seems such a simple thing to also allow photos to be attached to the ride via the website.....

  • Still no direct PC support for images. That's a bit disappointing. Tranferrign photos from your camera to your PC and then to the phone is a cumbersome and tiresom chore. It really can't be that hard to add the interface to the website if it's already in the  "Edit Ride" section of the app can it?


    All the same great job, you get that not all riders are there for pure athleticism, but some like adventure and to tell their stories. The appeal of road cycling to me is the same as the appeal of cross country mountain biking, I like to explore and see things, beating segment times and improving athletically is great but not the be all and end all.

  • I'd also greatly appreciate if an ability to upload photos from desktop PC would be added.  As many others here I use garmin navigater and photocamera (not smatrphone).  Please, Strava!  :)

  • I now carrying a light Android 2.3.5 mobile phone and take pictures with that. But no Strava App for that old phone ! So I transfer the picture to the PC by plugging it in to the USB. Find a Android 4.2.2 10inch Tablet, that has the Strava App on it. Transfer the picture from PC to micro SD card via adaptor. Un-mount the card from PC and plug it into the Android 4.2.2 10inch Tablet, use Strava App to transfer picture to ride on Strava. A very time consuming way of doing it but it can be done.

    Is there an easier way to do this via the web site now? Am I missing something?


    DEVICEISTS! DEVICEISTS! it's just too too bad if you don't have a mobile device we strava will discriminate against you if you are not on the go - oh no it's not good enough that you have

    a garmin and upload when you get home and back to your place of living


  • I would like to add my name to this request.  Take Screen Captures from Garmin requires end users to copy pictures from Garmin (or other device) to Smartphone...should be easier.



    Steve Varnum

  • Agree with the picture compression being way too severe.  Almost makes the feature un-useable in my opinion.

    Did I see something about possibly supporting uploading in native resolution?  surely this might create more problems loading/ viewing on mobile device?

    Thumbnail images with an option to open in full res maybe?

    Or at least decide on a maximum upload resolution up to which Strava doesn't compress, so we can compress larger images ourselves if we wish.  (to do a better job of it)

  • Meanwhile, people without smartphones and/or those who wants a better/native resolution, you could always upload your image on a picture host site like imgur.com a link the image in the comment/description of your activity. It's not as cool as a full Strava feature could be but It could do the job in the meantime.

  • It is really strange to me, that Strava is that ignorant towards web-based photo-uploads. I too have missed that option for a long time!..   That said, photos are not that important to me, how ever I would like the opportunity to upload a photo occasionally and that without  buying a new smartphone. I use a very small and old smartphone (Xperia Active) with version 4.1.7 of Strava, which do not support photo uploads and the phone does not support further updates. 

    I don´t want to buy a new phone, because new phones are just way too big these days. Remember small and light are better when you are on a bike, right? :-)....  So Strava beeing that ignorant to a massive user request, would certainly justify changing  to another site completely, like ENDOMONDO. That might be the language they understand, just remember to delete your Strava profile to complete the message, otherwise you would still count as a user, and they wouldn´t care!...you can always rejoin if they come to their senses.

    ENDOMONDO has the feature of web based Photo uploads which is nice, it couldn´t be that hard to do for Strava if they really wanted to accomodate this massive user request. 

    I do use both Strava and Endomondo myself, mostly because I started with Endomondo and kept the profile, but later found Strava more interresting with segments, fitness curves and supporting powermeters which endomondo doesn´t do.... To me Strava is still the more interesting of the two, so I will stick around for now. Strava is also better at crushing numbers especially if you combine with Stravistix and/or Veloviewer. Then Again if you just want to crush the numbers an even better option might be SportTracks, Golden cheetah (freeware) or Training Peaks (pay site), there are lots of options... . If the social part is the more important part to you; Endomondo for sure is the place to be. The only thing Strava really has going for them are the segments however  these are quite genius. other sites such as ridewithgps or Garmin also have segments, but these are somehow not working as well/being as popular as the Strava segments are. It is all about pros vs. cons I guess. 

    Still strange why Strava is that reluctant to listen to the users and act upon the listening!. Maybe they get some secret fundings from phone comapanies!? that want people to change to newer phones!? or something completely different?   In business it all about the money, and that goes without any exceptions!

    Strava might prove me wrong by adding this very simple feature to their web page.


  • +1 for adding photos via the browser.  I don't want to buy a new phone or transfer to another device just to post photos.

  • when will it be possible to attach photos via the web? the strava app doesn't work on my phone but even if it did i much rather viewing the data on my monitor. i'm feeling cheated that i'm paying for premium and don't even have features that are on a free app! 

    please sort it out!

  • I'm trying to add photos to my workout using iphone 5s 9.0.2 and latest version of strava but it doesn't work.

    I can select the photo but later they are not shown.

    also it would be very useful if we could select more than one photo to upload all of the at the same time and do not have select one by one.

  • Download dropbox on your PC and device then save the photos to Dropbox. Then on Dropbox on your device export the photos to your device then add the photos from your device :-) Here are mine from today https://www.strava.com/activities/403993584/overview 

  • With respect fatbike, that's precisely the sort of inane merry go round we're trying to avoid.

  • Yes I fully agree, it is crazy that Strava does not have a function for adding photos on the PC. Wake Up Strava.. it must be a simple solution to add more functionality to the PC version also to include Video links to stream video of the rides! For businesses especially this could be a crucial way to advertise the tours and routes that are recorded.  At least the photo upload option looks well overdue

  • One more request for uploading from a PC.

  • One more request for uploading from a PC.

  • Such a BASIC functionality to provide, and yet....


  • +1 on PC support

  • I'm dumbfounded that you cannot add images from your computer, but can from one's phone app.
    Hey if you want good pics, your phone is not the best tool for the job despite how handy they can be.

  • does the strava support team even read these comments? there seems to be no replies or any attempt to update/connect with customers... 
    +1 on PC support

  • plus one on website capes. seems incongruous to have such basic activity only available on the app.

  • One more request for uploading from a PC...

  • @ Elle Anderson Community Support, The last post I saw requesting being able to use the Web to post activity photos was from March 2015. If that is correct, guess everyone gave up. Sad to see there may be a feeling of hopelessness that it will never get done.

  • Still no option to upload photo's from a pc or laptop? It can't be that hard to put that into their systems.....

  • Just about everyone I know still wants a desktop option to upload directly from computer to Strava, just like we can do with Facebook, YouTube, and many other sites. I still see people requesting this on just about a daily basis, WE'RE STILL WAITING, for more than a year!!!

  • All,

    We haven't had a response on this issue for several months.  In the absence of reliable information, speculation can run rampant--so in that spirit, allow me to speculate on the real issues at play here.  First of all, there is no technical issue.  If Strava wanted to enable photo upload from the website, that could be implemented almost instantly.  Second of all, Strava is not a charity; it is a venture-funded startup that has to find a way to deliver a payback to its investors.  I haven't tried to look up numbers, but my guess is that premium subscriptions are not sufficient to deliver the kind of returns that investors are looking for.  Strava is certainly looking at all options for delivering those kinds of returns, including increasing operating revenues, getting revenue from partnerships with other companies, advertising, IPO, or an outright sale to another company.  Before there was direct uploading of photos within Strava, there was a link with Instagram, and there has always been the option to log in via Facebook.  My guess is that the direct uploading of photos to Strava introduces a complication for an existing or potential partnership.  Probably there has been a decision to freeze the expansion of certain features, including web uploads of photos, pending some major business milestone--a partnership or sale, most likely.   

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