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  • +1 for website-based photo uploads. I don't buy the "we're a small company" line.

    It's really not that hard to implement, especially since you obviously already have the backend functioning to store images. Assuming you're using a common API for your different apps (incl. web app), so come on, 1-2 days of development and testing, then roll it out to beta testers.

    Oh yeah, paying customer here as well. I really enjoy Strava, but I also love my desktop.

  • [Android] Need the ability to add photos from cloud storage locations like Google Photos, OneDrive, third-party file managers.

    UPDATE: This is even more important now that the decision was made to not allow web uploads. I take ride pics with a cheap point-n-shooter and getting those photos to the proper location on my phone so I can pick them from Strava is a major pain. 

    Other Android apps present cloud storage locations in their  Open from menus. Looking at the Android API it looks like it may just be parameter on ACTION_GET_CONTENT intent. Please at the very least, add the ability to select from cloud storage in the Android app. Thanks!

  • On web compatibility for photos: We understand some of our members don't have the ability to capture and upload photos from their phone, or would prefer to upload photos from the Strava website. However, being a small company, we have other projects we've prioritized at this time and we simply can't fulfill all the feature requests in our community. We hope you understand this decision and we're excited to show you the amazing projects we're currently working on.

  • Elle, thanks for clarifying Strava's intentions.

    I'm guessing that the between-the-lines explanation is that storing and serving photos is expensive; Strava doesn't want to bear the infrastructure expense.

    In an alternate reality, Strava could offer website (or API) photo uploads as a Premium feature to encourage more subscriptions.

  • What are these other projects, Elle?  Can you name one that would interest users as much as this one?  I'm actually getting kind of bored with Strava.   I'll probably just start using it to track my mileage and will forget about trying to follow people's activities or spend time on the site.  Most of the comments are inane.  "Great ride bro."  "incredible effort!"  This is the kind of crap you get when people are encouraged to tap on iPhones instead of using an actual input device, such as a computer keyboard.  I find I'm just checking in every few days instead of several times a day as in the recent past.  I don't bother to snap interesting photos on the trail because you don't support my device, and it's getting to be too much of a bother to upload tracks from my Garmin.  So I'll just do that every week or so.  Just another fitness tracking app.  Yawn.

  • The inability to add photos from the website is just so strange. I would understand the opposite but...

    "you could capture photos along your ride using any camera, and you would only have to transfer the photos to your phone to post them to a Strava activity through the Strava app."...


    A lot of people don't use phones to record activities. A lot of people don't shoot with phones during their training. It is just so inconvenient.

  • Have a look at Strava labs and you'll see what they're doing. Trying to sell our input into more marketable items such as heatmaps, flybys (which mainly aids stalkers and bike thieves - neither of which tend to be premium members), etc.

    "you could capture photos along your ride using any camera, and you would only have to transfer the photos to your phone to post them to a Strava activity through the Strava app."...

    Well, lets just look at the details. Most cameras are not blue tooth or wireless and so you have to (as with mine) transfer the photos to a PC first, then you need to decrease the size and then transfer to a phone (I have to do this by email btw as my phone is not compatible with my OS.


    Instead of having a button in the website feed the same as one the phone based up which says "upload photo". The only genuine reason to avoid this minor tweak is pigheadedness as ample silutions have been offered to counteract storage space etc. This and the removal of google maps show just what they think about members, particularly premium ones. "Ta for the money, but we're not really doing all this for you, our customers. Goodwill? Sorry I don't speak Customer Service, I speak English".


  • Hi, I also vote for being able to add photo on the web site. I'm having to jump through hoops to perform a simple task and photos really do add value for social/group rides. Could you let me know please if you have a REST API to add photos ?

  • Any chance on the Add Photos feature being added to the website?

  • Another shout for a PC photo upload please

  • Wow, along with everyone else i'm shocked that as a premium member i can't add a photo or link to an external photo using the web interface. I Happen to be a software engineer, and i can think of at least four different web platforms for which i could create a solid/tested/working "Add Photo" button in under five minutes. Gasp. Sorry, there are no excuses - because, of course, there are lots of paying customers that will most likely not renew a premium membership if this very simple feature is not added. I'm sure your development team knows that this would only take a half-day at most to implement. Even if you have a different agenda(s), surely it's worth it to avoid losing revenue and also get kudos for an extremely quick win.

  • This discussion has been going on for a couple of years and even though software engineers have said it could be done in less than a day nothing has happened. I've even said that, as a premium member, I would be willing to pay a couple of bucks more to be able to upload from the desktop and if it were a premium member benefit it should draw more paying members to Strava. I think most members really enjoy seeing their photos posted AND seeing photos from other Strava members from all over the world. The only reason I can see for not implementing this is maybe data storage OR Strava has some kind of agreements with other companies like a deal to force people to use iPhones/Android to post photos, or some other kind of hidden agreement. Since almost everyone I know uses dedicated devices (Garmin, etc.) and not smart photos to record rides it would seem like a winner for Strava to implement this. 

  • It is absolutely ridiculous that users are not able to access photo files (beyond a cell phone) to enhance their Strava posts. I've already taken my premium membership cash elsewhere because of this.

  • In reply to John M.-

    Yep, must be a hidden agreement. Really, it can ONLY be either a hidden agreement, or a concern about automating the filtering out of inappropriate photos. Maybe that's partially what they're relying on the phone apps for.

    Storage can't be a reason, because they could just allow saving links to hosted photos that would just need to be rendered on the strava page.

    Either way, there's just no excuse for not allowing this since, you're right, most riders use a garmin/dedicated device rather than a phone.

  • On top of it all, why can't Strava just tell us what the issue is..at least then I could deal with it. this cloak of secrecy is bizzare.

  • Folks, anyone who has ever worked in software knows what the problem is. Strava has a limited number of developers and wants to prioritize their time according to what their users value the most. ANY FEATURE requires developer time being taken from something else. Also, it is not the developers controlling what they spend time on. It is their managers who are rightfully super strict about what they authorize time to be spent on.

    Therefore, our job is to inform Strava that THIS should be prioritized. I'm leaving my comment to say that photo uploads through the web interface is an important feature to me. It is one of the few ways in which I am unsatisfied with Strava and I can't think of another feature I would like implemented before this one. Please allow us to upload photos through the web interface!

  • @Maxwell B:

    If you have read this and the related thread over time -- the first started in September 2014 if memory serves -- you will find scant evidence that Strava management cares a whit about "what their users value the most." The features that have been implemented -- heat maps, flybys, and the like -- are interesting, but clearly aimed at market splash more than user desire. My own heat map is meaningless, and I have never looked at anyone else's.

    On the other hand, management has to create viable revenue streams, eventually show a profit, and develop exit strategies for the founders and angels. It does not necessarily follow that user-desired features will be implemented over splash. It depends entirely on how management views their relationship with the users: somewhere on the scale from monetizeable data to training partners.

    The two most glaring and longstanding feature lacks are optional calendar start day -- thread started over four years ago -- and photo upload from computers (other than phones). Given the history, I would say that neither is likely to be prioritized, but keep up the votes and hope for the best.

    If I worked at Strava, I would have implemented these features in "skunk works" and presented them fait accompli to management. If that has been done, we may never know, unless a responsible and outward-focused engineer leaks it. If that happens, we'll see where Strava management really stands.

  • Have to agree. From the messages I see, there must be hundreds of requests to be able to post photos from the desktop not just via a convoluted smart phone app of low quality. I have seen more requests for this ability than anything else but, it seems, that Strava has some reason not to do it. The other request I've seen is for ability to create group challenges another item that has been asked for years but, at least that is possible through 3rd party developers like this  http://mtb.hamdentykke.dk/ and app I've used for our group quite successfully. Wouldn't it be nice if someone could come up with a way to post photos that bypasses Strava developers!

  • +1 on adding photos manually via PC and not having to use the Strava App.

  • Well, the workaround for this is to post journey photos/reports elsewhere and use Strava just as stats storage. Like posting on social network, adding photos there and just including links to Strava workouts.

    Of course this diverts great deal of social interaction from Strava website.

  • iPhone app:

    Would love to see .. tap to expand a photo to full-screen, then swipe left/right through photos. Press and hold or tap to bring up a menu with options like 'Save Photo', 'Share', etc.

  • Also +1 for uploading ride photos via the website

  • I love Strava BUT not being able to upload photos from a PC/laptop + your continued excuses are pathetic . I'm not interested in the  "amazing projects we're currently working on"  I'm interested in you getting the basic functionality of the web site right first .

  • Also understand that you've shut out all Windows Phone users from uploading photos :-(( 

    How about this for an idea: put all the amazing stuff on hold until you've provided basic functionality for everybody.

  • Dear Elle, since there is already a photo upload available for mobile devices it shouldn't be a big deal to implement photo upload from the web. Strava has become my favorite activity platform for various reasons but you should not forget about customer satisfaction while being exited about new features to come. Please consider my comment as a simple request to close this gap.

  • I just found out desktop upload of photos was not possible. Like really!? I like Strava, I use it the whole time. But it strikes me that there hasn't been any new stuff added in like forever...? I'd be willing to pay for Strava - but one thing that holds me back is that there's no meaningful developments being added (like desktop upload for example...). If you want to monetize me, then there needs to be a steady stream of new stuff to keep me hooked.

  • I do use a smartphone for Strava but I am now using a Garmin Virb for video and photos on my ride. Rather disappointing I cannot load them up directly from the web site. Many sites allow this so it could just be some boilerplate code.

  • +1 for website based photo uploads.

    I've been using an abomination of a workflow to get camera photos onto an iPad and upload them from there.  Now I can't even do that easily, as the latest iOS Strava app doesn't seem to want to navigate to any photo folders other than "Camera Roll".

  • Strava for desktop support?  Still patiently waiting for this.  The hassle of having to upload an activity/edit it on 2 devices means that the pics usually get left out. 

    I would assume the majority of Strava users log activities w/ an iphone or Android hence why there is no support for everyone else.

  • Sorry - I just came back from holidays and I can't add photos from my rides via PC? And in the app I can't choose pictures neither from DropBox nor from Google Drive? What the .... ist this.


    I don't shoot pics with my smartphone - soooo complicated. Maybe I should use stoneplates again... :-(

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