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  • Nice to see how much Strava cares about their customers and users.  Been posting in this thread for over a year now and still nothing.

    Open your eyes Elle!  This is something important to us that we really need.  

    How much longer will this go on?  How many more users have to post in this thread about how they need this feature until something gets done?

    If you never use customer feedback, how do you expect your company to be able to compete with competitors when all your users leave Strava for something better?

  • Am I going crazy or did Strava just down grade their photo upload functionality?!

    I used to be able to browse to my photo albums on iPhone and upload pictures taken from a GoPro (or any other camera for that matter). Now I can only upload from my Camera Roll? Is this for real? That seems like the dumbest "update" ever... Why would you limit everyone to only upload from a camera phone? You know, there are cameras out there that take much nicer pictures than an iPhone... I hope this was a mistake & will be fixed, if that was actually a product decision, wow... 

  • What happened?  I can't browse though my photo albums now?  How on earth am I supposed to upload photos if I can't access them?

  • I agree with the Mad T. This topic should be reviewed and a better answer forth coming soon.

  • I seriously do not understand how having the ability to upload photos to an activity from something other than a phone is a big deal?!?!? We're able to upload a profile picture from a PC or laptop!

    I actually work in I/T and when I mentioned this to a colleague he was just as perplexed/bemused/confused as I was!

    It's actually MOIRE work to code for uploading via a mobile app versus a desktop/laptop.

    ...and where is this list of all the magical things that are on the horizon??

  • I can still browse albums on my Galaxy for uploading pictures.
    Unfortunately I haven't used the app for activity tracking in months as I can't get an accurate gps lock to record where I run. Resorting to the Bikes Garmin for my runs.

  • iOS users with questions regarding photo upload to Strava and recent changes with albums and synced iCloud photos: I've just posted an update. 

  • Your post - 'Add a Photo to an Activity - Android' - clearly states

    • There is no limit on the number of photos you can attach to your activity, however the mobile app activity page will only display 6 photos while the web will show 12 at this time. 

    I attached 17 ( at the time i was unaware of any limits and the app certainly didn't inform of of such) however I am still only able to see 6 in the web browser.

    I'm very disappointed that the pictures from my ride have failed to appear.  I'm also disappointed that I couldn't us the PC to upload pictures.  This along with this -  https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/208835307-Custom-Unit-Preferences-Miles-Kg-Celsius-  are causing me to reconsider my premium membership.

  • You don't support the windows phone (Unbelievable!) so I have no way of uploading photos.

    Please sort this out.

    No I don't understand your decision. How can your projects be amazing if your site can't even handle a photo uploaded from a PC?

    Definitely NOT excited

  • Well, this ignores the occasions when the photo is taken by a 3rd party and and provided as a computer file which I would then like to upload to Strava. It makes no sense to transfer high resolution files to a phone (mine is a windows phone anyway) to get it to Strava. 

  • The decision to use only a phone-based vehicle to upload photos to Strava is a huge design oversight.

    A universal solution is to upload photos directly to Strava via web interface.

    Having been involved with design and development of such web-based applications, this should be an relatively easy feature to engineer.

    FYI--for this and reasons of poor UI design, I had discontinued my premium membership on Strava.

  • I'm confused regarding the inability to upload pictures from my computer.  Screenshots captured while riding in Zwift show up just fine and I don't interact with the mobile app at all during those rides.  I'm guessing the reason you don't allow uploading from the computer is that the information gleaned from geo-tagged pictures is extremely valuable to Strava.  If that's the case then it might be helpful to just say it outright.  I'd love to see the ability to upload from a desktop added since there are editing tools and other programs I link pictures to which reside on that computer.

  • I think it prudent and a simple thing to add the feature that so many people (hundreds) have overtly requested. The reasons given a few months ago by Elle for not implementing this seem detached from the reality of the effort required to code this into the desktop site.


    There are no reasonable issues preventing the function of PC Desktop image uploads from being introduced.

  • Anders, just because you have a shot on your computer does not mean there is no GeoTagging info on it. Many programmes allow you to add geotagging after the fact, either manually, using a GPS device or by say taking a pic with phone at same place you shoot with a camera without geotag and using that to find locations for geotagging your other pics. Plus many stills cameras have GPS now too.

  • I have commented here before, since then my premium membership renewal has been due. I LOVE STRAVA. use it every day. i loved the extra data you get as premium but just cant see where my money is going if nothing else is being improved. I cant justify supporting a company that seems to ignore the desire of its users. (or is willing to respond with a justifiable answer to why this feature is not supported). No membership renewal from me. (besides there is a chrome add-on which gives all the benefits of premium and more for FREE) :D

  • Jeremy, that's true, but it doesn't help Strava's valuation if customers aren't interacting with the mobile app by doing that upload from home on a desktop. I'm sure they want to drive as many customers to interacting with the app in as many different ways as possible. My point was that if Zwift can essentially upload from a desktop there is no reason why we shouldn't be able to.

    The bigger frustration is that functionality between the app and Web client is so different. If I want to analyze my ride in depth as an alternative to Training Peaks, I need to use a browser. If I want to pretty up my ride then I've gotta use the app. At least make that functionality a little more equitable between the app/browser for those of us who'd like to ditch Training Peaks.

  • Hmmmm..just noticed on the login page, and I think it is new, the moniker "Strava, Social Network for Athletes"....Really???? Last time I checked Social Networks thrive on photos. What a load of BS. Com'n Elle time for a little update please.

  • Anders,
    I'm not arguing against your point, I'm showing that that GPS data can also be present on desktop images, which undermines the possible reason you mentioned.

  • Jeremy, the key word is "can".  Using the workflow many have described in this thread, EXIF data are removed from photos before uploading.  If you don't allow uploading from the desktop you "solve" that to a degree.   But we're getting into semantics.  The point was Strava wants as much data as possible - uploading directly from the phone helps ensure that.

  • Is Strava actually developing something? The whole development process is very stagnant with no visible improvements to the service.

    I don't understand how such a basic features like uploading photos from your PC or more detailed and sensible reports (how many meters I have climbed last month on my hikes?) are not still available.

    Did they fire all developers and are in maintenance/money grab mode only?

    Maybe I have a surprise for you, this won't work...


  • @ Elle, thanks for moderating this.  You may sense some frustration in your users, paying and otherwise.  I'll do my part by being civil and to the point.

    + : Thanks to Strava for changing the iOS app so that multiple photos can be selected for upload.  Nice feature.

    --- :  As I am soon switching to a Garmin for dedicated Strava/Hiking use, the iPhone app may become less desirable for me, hence, I ask you to please (again) relate to the "Feature Planners" and "Coders" the need for a generic web-browser-interface method of uploading photos.  Two Sizes (iOS & Android) does not fit all.   I do believe that it is likely that you all underestimate the need/desire/votes for this feature.  While you have  dedicated/defined strava.zendesk.com links for "Photos on Strava iOS" and "Photos on Strava Android", it seems that you have so such dedicated link (even for feature suggestion) under a easily accessible, recognizable, canonical name.  A bit of Googling will show that the requests for (and complaints about the lack of) this feature are scattered through a dozen or so threads.

  • I have windows phone, and mac / linux / windows laptops and still unable to upload photos :(

    sorry but as a user this is one of my current priority concerning strava..


    As a developer it's so easy to upload photo especially if you already have your api ready ( for android and ios.. )

  • +1 for functionality to upload pictures from PC

  • As a long time user of Strava, I also would like to be able to upload photos from my computer directly.  As a programmer, this seems like a simple request and I don't understand the resistance from the Strava team to better support the Garmin and other non-phone app users in this matter.

    Strava, please re-prioritize this request or you stand to lose many otherwise devoted customers.

  • +1 for functionality to upload pictures from PC

  • + another 1

  • Really disappointing Strava would prioritize Beacon (a service Strava users must pay for that they can get for free from Garmin) over the uploading of photos via a PC.

  • +1 for functionality to upload pictures from PC

  • I agree that there is a hollow poshness to the new feature. Allowing someone else to follow you does nothing for the functionality of simply uploading photos by PC.

  • So disappointed with Strava for not listening to customers.

    We need the BASIC capability to upload photos from a PC.  Period.

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