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    On choosing the order of your photos on an activity:

    Android: The order of the photos will now be the order they are selected in the photo picker (or the order when they are added and saved, if you are adding them one by one).

    iOS is coming soon but for the time-being iOS photos will still be by the timestamp on the photos. 

    For both platforms, you can still designate the highlight photo


    On Adding photos from the Strava Website:

    This work is tentatively schedule for later this year. 


    On Uploading Photos to Club discussions:

    Club admins can now upload photos in a club post which will appear in the feed of all club members. 


    On uploading photos from other albums, shared albums, or cloud storage apps:

    No plans at this time but we are monitoring the amount of community feedback.


    On disappearing photos from your profile:

    The number of photos on your profile page is capped at 100. Instagram photos do not count but deleted photos but count towards the count of 100. So if you have uploaded 100 pictures, and delete 100 pictures, you would not see any. If you uploaded 200 photos and they were all from Instagram you would see 200 photos.

  • Ditto on adding photo upload to website!

  • That's fine for people who use phones (Android or iPhone) but what about those of us who are using Garmin or other such devices, how about some support for us so we can also add photos from our computers, tablets, and similar internet connected devices? The majority of the people I know and ride with DO NOT use phone apps to record their rides!!!!

  • Ohhh yess! :) Finally! 
    Now roll it out quickly on the web version also, so I don't have to start to mail my photos to my phone and upload them from there. 
    And please have them displayed bigger on the page. All in all those 640 px of the instagrams are a PITA (excuse my french), even on small screens. All the more on normal or even Retina screens.

    Is that true - no plans for the web version? Oh come on, you are kidding me. Phones are Phones. Computing power, viewing pleasure and ease of strolling through my mates activities as well as analyzing my own activities are at the very least on retina screen tablets and even better on laptops or desktops. They all share the web version. Phones only share the tiny phone app. I don't use the phone, I don't want to use the phone. And I don't want to be reminded every time I use Strava, that I'm forced through a tiny and awkward interface in form of a smartphone app.

  • I wanted to keep quiet, Elle, but how the hell can there be "no plans" to support this on the website? This is absolutely ridiculous. Not everyone has an iPhone or Android, and even if they did, having mobile-only features simply doesn't make any sense. Yeah, it's great that Strava finally implemented this, but you did it in a way that shows just how clueless you all are.

    (Also, why the hell do the people who actually care about the feature and have become beta testers and followed the discussion and whatnot need to be the last to actually receive the feature? Is there really no one sane person in your engineering team?)

  • I have to agree with Tomas. This is only one small step which may appease the phone users but most of the older, very serious cyclists I know do not use phone apps and don't have any interest in jumping through hoops (transferring photos all over the place just to be able to post them to Strava). Most of the serious cyclists I know worldwide who are asking to see our local photos and rides and now being referred to Facebook and YouTube to see what we do here. I'm working on getting more videos up now with my GoPro camera. Posting to other sites is EXTREMELY SIMPLE whether it be photos or video so it's frustrating that Strava is so far back in the dark ages when it comes to progress. Come on now, desktop support should be happening now!

  • I seriously do not understand how having the ability to upload photos to an activity from something other than a phone is a big deal?!?!? We're able to upload a profile picture from a PC or laptop!

    I actually work in I/T and when I mentioned this to a colleague he was just as perplexed/bemused/confused as I was!

    It's actually MOIRE work to code for uploading via a mobile app versus a desktop/laptop.

    ...and where is this list of all the magical things that are on the horizon??

  • WELL - I guess I also fall into the "YOU CAN"T MAKE THIS UP CROWD".

    I took a pic on a ride today, knowing I saw it could be uploaded somehow as I've seen others who have, get back home and look for how to do it. 

    Like others I couldn't find it, so I started looking around as to why I'm an idiot and not able to figure it out.

    Low and behold, you can't do it from the computer seems to be the case.

    Heck it seems to have been the case for some time...

    "So much for built for cyclist, by cyclist." add campaign.

    Anyhow, count me in the crowd that thinks this is downright comical this feature is not included in the desktop version.  Hell I can add pictures to this post!!

    Also count me in the crowd of non-renewal of my premium membership until this feature is added.

    I would be curious to know what Strava is working on for the future, and have a poll as to see what users think are the most beneficial and wanted?  

    Just be sure to include this feature in any such poll if so decided.



  • Surely the Strava team are aware that most serious riders do not record their rides with phone apps (they have the data). I do not see any place on the (Safari) browser activity edit screen that lets me upload a photo. Perhaps that capability is being rolled out soon?

  • Great step forward, a little disappointed a desktop version for uploading hasn't been released at the same time. Hope this is available in the near future.

    I use my Garmin to record activities and have a compact dslr camera I use for shooting in raw format.
  • @Elle:

    I do not have, nor want to use, the Strava phone app. I use a desktop app to record my rides from my Garmin. If I take a photo, it will be on my desktop, which I would then like to add from the desktop activity edit screen.

  • +1 for website-based photo uploads. I don't buy the "we're a small company" line.

    It's really not that hard to implement, especially since you obviously already have the backend functioning to store images. Assuming you're using a common API for your different apps (incl. web app), so come on, 1-2 days of development and testing, then roll it out to beta testers.

    Oh yeah, paying customer here as well. I really enjoy Strava, but I also love my desktop.

  • Over the past several years it has become completely evident that STRAVA really doesn't care what user's (even Premium users) want. They have their own agenda which doesn't include making it possible for us to create challenges OR to upload photos from our desktops. SO, we might as well just save our time and not post any more comments on these subjects. However, some outside developers have made it possible to create challenges so we should probably look outside of STRAVA for any real improvements or developments. That's what I did.

  • Am I going crazy or did Strava just down grade their photo upload functionality?!

    I used to be able to browse to my photo albums on iPhone and upload pictures taken from a GoPro (or any other camera for that matter). Now I can only upload from my Camera Roll? Is this for real? That seems like the dumbest "update" ever... Why would you limit everyone to only upload from a camera phone? You know, there are cameras out there that take much nicer pictures than an iPhone... I hope this was a mistake & will be fixed, if that was actually a product decision, wow... 

  • You don't support the windows phone (Unbelievable!) so I have no way of uploading photos.

    Please sort this out.

    No I don't understand your decision. How can your projects be amazing if your site can't even handle a photo uploaded from a PC?

    Definitely NOT excited

  • The decision to use only a phone-based vehicle to upload photos to Strava is a huge design oversight.

    A universal solution is to upload photos directly to Strava via web interface.

    Having been involved with design and development of such web-based applications, this should be an relatively easy feature to engineer.

    FYI--for this and reasons of poor UI design, I had discontinued my premium membership on Strava.

  • +1 for functionality to upload pictures from PC

  • Personally don't understand the above comment regarding "Small company, etc", its about a 1 hour job to add a plugin to upload photos from a pc,any web dev worth their money could do it no problem. Seems like a massive oversight

  • Add my vote as well for web based image upload.  

  • I did decide to "vote with my feet", or vote with my wallet, so to speak.  My premium membership has now lapsed.  

    I disagree w/ the concept or tone of mtnrunner 2's comments regarding "software" ..."falling from the skies"...  and "behave".  I think for the most part folks have maintained a civil discourse regarding this missing capability.  I'm not sure that mtnrunner 2 noticed that the feature so new to them is now well over a year old... the first post to the thread was in March 2015.

    Some users would perhaps not even see it as a "new feature", since all or virtually all competitors have had the capability for several years.   In the time/life cycle of software/web development, 1 year is quite a long lag time.

    Nevertheless, I do agree with mtnrunner 2 that it would be good to be able to upload a photo from the web.  I agree with his point on that completely.

  • This is a step in the right direction, but with the wrong foot forward. The web version is the most important and should have been first. There is already Instagram for syncing photos and the primary drawback of this is its restriction to an Android or IOS mobile device, needing to post to Instagram in a certain time interval is just an inconvenience. With a web interface for adding pictures this opens it up to every PC, mobile device inclusive of every platform, etc. making it for the first time possible to add photos to Strava activities if you don't want to carry or use an Android or IOS mobile device. For example, if you want to add some of your GoPro photos to your ride,  photos from dedicated cameras, stills from video taken of you, etc. then a web interface that is usable from a PC is the ticket and using a Strava app on a supported mobile device for these things would be extremely awkward.

  • +1 for web browser option. Don't own a smartphone; 

  • No value at all to me without desktop/browser support.  Tremendously disappointed.

  • From the majority of comments in the past couple of days it seems that the majority agree that the DESKTOP VERSION should have been released first. Those with smart phone could already post photos, it was just a chore for them but the desktop users could not and still cannot post. I'll say it one more time, THE FAST MAJORITY OF RIDERS IN OUR FAST GROUP RIDES USE GARMIN OR SIMILAR DEVICES!!! Most of those who use phones are not all that happy with the results. 


    We have several hundred cyclists in four Strava clubs out here in the desert/mountains and most would like to post photos or be able to share photos of the others. In the past year I've had requests from all over the world from other cyclists that would like to see our rides and terrain but I have to refer all of them to FACEBOOK.COM where I post some of our rides. For such a fine product Strava is way behind in giving people what they want. How about kicking your thinking caps into gear and get us a desktop app sooner rather than later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Regarding feedback +1 for the option to add photos off the website.

  • +1 on website upload.  I use a windows phone.

  • +1 for uploading from a computer, please. 

  • @Maxwell B:

    If you have read this and the related thread over time -- the first started in September 2014 if memory serves -- you will find scant evidence that Strava management cares a whit about "what their users value the most." The features that have been implemented -- heat maps, flybys, and the like -- are interesting, but clearly aimed at market splash more than user desire. My own heat map is meaningless, and I have never looked at anyone else's.

    On the other hand, management has to create viable revenue streams, eventually show a profit, and develop exit strategies for the founders and angels. It does not necessarily follow that user-desired features will be implemented over splash. It depends entirely on how management views their relationship with the users: somewhere on the scale from monetizeable data to training partners.

    The two most glaring and longstanding feature lacks are optional calendar start day -- thread started over four years ago -- and photo upload from computers (other than phones). Given the history, I would say that neither is likely to be prioritized, but keep up the votes and hope for the best.

    If I worked at Strava, I would have implemented these features in "skunk works" and presented them fait accompli to management. If that has been done, we may never know, unless a responsible and outward-focused engineer leaks it. If that happens, we'll see where Strava management really stands.

  • I agree with the Mad T. This topic should be reviewed and a better answer forth coming soon.

  • @ Elle, thanks for moderating this.  You may sense some frustration in your users, paying and otherwise.  I'll do my part by being civil and to the point.

    + : Thanks to Strava for changing the iOS app so that multiple photos can be selected for upload.  Nice feature.

    --- :  As I am soon switching to a Garmin for dedicated Strava/Hiking use, the iPhone app may become less desirable for me, hence, I ask you to please (again) relate to the "Feature Planners" and "Coders" the need for a generic web-browser-interface method of uploading photos.  Two Sizes (iOS & Android) does not fit all.   I do believe that it is likely that you all underestimate the need/desire/votes for this feature.  While you have  dedicated/defined strava.zendesk.com links for "Photos on Strava iOS" and "Photos on Strava Android", it seems that you have so such dedicated link (even for feature suggestion) under a easily accessible, recognizable, canonical name.  A bit of Googling will show that the requests for (and complaints about the lack of) this feature are scattered through a dozen or so threads.

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