List of all nearby segments not ridden

It would be nice to have a "report" for nearby  segments (in a 10-20-30 km radius) not ridden, like the segment discovery but with a ridden/not ridden filter.

A nice feature would also be that these segments were combined to a exportable route :-)



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  • I have tried using the Strava segment explore tool but it only shows the most popular routes. Which means if you can see an A road in the box it will show 20 segments following this rather than any other more interesting routes. If I just ride around new areas I find plenty of new segments but have to go back again if I want to try and push myself through them because I don't know they are there until I ride along them.

    I have also tried the 'didn't see a segment' function, but again it is poorly laid out. I can only inspect one segment at a time from a list and have to keep scrolling up and down the page to see the map, I also keep clicking on segments I've done before but don't remember the name of.

    What I would really like to see is a map showing all the long segments I can't accidentally cross. There was a website called that did just this but it seems to have shut down. It would make it very easy to pick out the interesting segments I might look at next time or ignore ones I've done before

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  • Definitely, many would like that!

    There are many things that could be done with segments, like filtering based on my own position (show segments where I'm on not in top 10, for example).

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