No more "your run is ready" notification in Android

I have a Garmin Forerunner 230 and I love it, as soon as I'm finished with a run it syncs to my phone and voila! a moment later my run appears on Strava.

Thing is, I would love to be able to edit some basic stuff, but before Strava publishes it; things like editing a run's name, adding a pic or changing the shoes I used.

When I used Runkeeper and synced with Tapirik Strava would always inform me of the need to validate an activity and that's when I did the editing.

Any suggestions?



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    If it works for you, there is a setting in your Strava account to upload all activities as Private by default - that way you can edit the activity's details before making it public. 

    Let me know how that goes. 


    And I'm not sure why the notification isn't working. Try resetting your Strava notification settings from within the app? I know they are working for me. 

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