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Some of us have a windows phone, and while my first preference would be for an officially supported windows phone app with the full feature set, I doubt that is coming any time soon.  As such, it would be nice if we could add pictures from our own files from the web site rather than having to deal with Instagram.  I don't always upload Instagram photos in the time window allotted.  Truth be told, the only reason I have an Instagram account is so I can have my ride pictures show up in strava.  I would probably just close my Instagram account if you added manual file upload for ride pictures to the web site.



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  • "A few weeks" is going to turn into a Soon™ and then a Never™. It can't be so hard to implement something to trivial as adding a photo-upload. On the other hand: you still haven't included mountainbiking into the activities list - for some strange reason.

    Two reasons why I'm not paying for premium anymore.

  • @Matt Thompson, @Sergei Minaev, @Péter Werner -

    This is the only "Official Comment" I could find on the subject...

    Uploading photos to activities via the Strava website is currently under development and should be released in a few weeks. Next week, we will already have photo uploading for athlete and club posts on the website. Thanks for all your patience. [/quote]


    ...and as any foll with access to a calendar can see, that "few weeks" is now comfortably more than 8 weeks. In my (admittedly insignificant) view, that equates to "a few months".


    [drums fingers]


    Strava? We're still waiting, and we're not going away any time soon...



  • Dear Elle

    It's been over two months since you told us this facility would be available within a few weeks.  Since then, despite numerous requests, you haven't managed to provide a single update.  People have been asking for this for well over two years.  Please tell me I can expect it as a Christmas present from Strava ... because otherwise I've had enough, and this Strava user is going to close his account. 

    Best wishes



  • Uh, Strava still cannot figure this out? What gives?


  • Seriously. Is this not already available. 

  • Ok... NOW It's time to do the JOB !!!

    Weeks are getting months and Years...

    Strava team doesn't seem to be very responsive...

  • Coming soon. 

  • Has this been resolved yet?

  • Been wondering about this myself, I love Strava but this having to email my phone with pictures from others to upload to strava seems a bit backwards to me???

  • this really can't be that hard of a program to implement?? this is getting crazy......the request has been here for way too long.

  • i would love to just dump my premium suscription over the lack of strava development(the only reason i do not is for the fit/fresh chart, although that is available in stravastix also and was in there PRIOR to strava programming theirs), i used stravastix for features before strava got around to implement them so i still use it and support a donation to it's writer. i bet they would add a photo feature in a minute! 

  • This is getting ridiculous. 

    Pushing a more "SoMe" theme on Strava without the basic functionality of adding images from a web browser is how you will lose the premium members that will look to other services that are more data driven. Not everything has to go through a smart phone! 

  • What going on with this? I was surprised this not available.


  • It's safe to assume that the 'We're a small company' line is BS. 

    Having developed a few websites myself, some at least as complex as Strava, but with considerably smaller resources, I am confident my team of two programmers could comfortably handle this issue within two months, and quite possibly a lot less.

    Another commenter has suggested that the blockage might be with Strava's CEO, who came from Instagram. This seems the most likely explanation. If it is in any way correct, this could potentially have serious anti-trust implications.

    I think we need a full and detailed explanation as to why this issue has been handled  the way it's been, rather than being fobbed off with insulting generic responses such as 'we're a small company with a long list of things to do'.


  • Elle

    When you say "coming soon", what exactly does that mean?  Three months ago you said it would be "in a few weeks", and nothing has happened.  "Soon" is even more vague.  We need something more definite ...



  • Oh dear oh dear, this is such an avoidable mess. Feature should have always been there but maybe there's politics at play you don't want to divulge, however this whole "it's coming soon" thing is a PR disaster. You guys have the stranglehold over cycling data in the same way that Garmin have it on data collection. However Garmin is going backwards and companies like Wahoo are showing how to provide great devices and a proper Agile software development that is eating away at Garmin's dominance. It's only a matter of time before somebody seriously challenges you guys with better software and better responsiveness to the community... come on Strava you really can do better.

  • VeloViewer now has support for uploading images to an activity, which should make life a little easier. Not sure if it's a Pro feature or available to all

  • Great news, someone else has supplied a fix. Veloviewer [an amazing addition to Strava to those who like to analyse data and loads of other cool fun stuff] has just added an add image to strava ride feature to their web page.
    Here's the Veloviewer blog article on how to do this.

    Veloviewer helps World Tour Teams analyses their data better as well as help providing loads of other interesting geographic challenges, such as Ride Every Road or Ride Every Tile, the latter of which I'm doing.

  • It's available now; big THANK-YOU for eventually making it happen! 

  • Seems like its for Zwift only.

  • Blank on mine :-(

  • Mike

    How did you get that page?  My Edit Activity page is still the old one - no "Photos" option ...


  • Yes, that's what it should look like.  Did you photoshop this together or something?  I see no changes on my end when I edit my activity today.

  • it works for me...

  • Just let ensure you have Premium. My wife has a free account and still has the "old" edit page. I do have a Premium account and have additional upload for photos. Just uploaded screenshots for an elliptical workout this morning, it's not restricted for Zwift activities.

  • I don't have Premium, it works for me on a Free account.

  • This feature is being rolled out slowly, so while we test and confirm functionality some of our users may see the web photo upload option and others will soon.

  • I see over 400 comments on this thread so I hope it gets resolved soon.  I am surprised that if it is being rolled out slowly (which makes sense), there was no notification sent out about it...  Will it work for every activity or just biking? Has any runner seen this option available to them yet? 


  • Companies have still to learn, 'Under promise and over deliver'. Not the other way round!

  • Wow!  I'd like to see uploads via the website too, but honestly emailing a pic to myself, downloading it to my phone and then uploading it to Strava took less time to than it did to write this comment and required no advanced tech skills.  

    Tip:  When you encounter a situation where something isn't handed to you, think about how to get it on your own.  

    Note to Self:  Don't hire any of these people, they'll forever request and never deliver.

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