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Strava currently allows the creation of Clubs for runners, cyclists and "tri" groups (running, cycling + swimming) which is awesome!!  What is missing is the ability to create a Club that focuses on any of the other activities captured by Strava, ie yoga, skiing etc.

As it stands, when you go to create a new Club you can choose between "running", "cycling" "tri" or "other".  Unfortunately the "other" option does not allow you to create a Club that focuses on your chosen activity, instead it creates a club for running, cycling and swimming (essentially another tri club!).

The ability to be able to create a yoga club, or a skiing club or a walking club etc would be fantastic and is the missing link for Strava Clubs (along with the ability to create club challenges!).  This would allow all athletes to embrace the Club function for their chosen sport = perfect, and much appreciated!  

My proposal is that Strava adds 3 drop down menus to the existing "other" option, allowing the club creator to select up to 3 different activities from the list of activities that Strava currently captures.  The activities could then simply be dropped into the existing "tri club" format/structure.  As far as I can see this would be a very simple addition to make, considering the structure is already in place (it is just adding a few drop down menus) but the impact and feel good factor it would create for users would be huge.

Let us help Strava grow, build us the perfect Club platform and we will be recruiting new users organically on your behalf - a win-win!! 

ps - so excited to hear that you are investing in Clubs, thank you! :)



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    Thanks everyone, this request aligns well with our goal of better support for all activities on Strava in 2018. I'll do my best to see that this get the attention of the product team. 

    In the meantime, there is a related discussion here, Allow all types of clubs.

  • Agree!

  • Hi Kate,

    It may interest you to take a look at a project I have been working on:

    You can set up your Strava Club, and then track daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, even all time leaderboards, as well as other features, such as grouping athletes within a club into teams (great for workplaces with a club, but multiple internal teams).

    The best bit for your case is that the activity types don't matter - nor does the type of Strava Club created - on RunSyncSwim, you set which activities you want to show, and it will hide everything else. Now, your Yoga/Skiing/Walking club is just that!

    It's easy to set up a club, and the site will start tracking newer activities. If each club member authorizes the site/app - then it can get even more detail and start tracking historical activity much better too.

    The site provides single views for the leaderboard that show much more data than the default (limited) Strava Clubs features too.

    Let me know what you think!

  • Yes, having the feature to select which activity your club is would be great! Right now we are saying or nordic ski club is a biking club. Problem is many of us bike so real bike rides are being totaled with with the nordic skis activities labeled as bike rides. Plus our nordic skis are falsely putting us on biking segment leaderboards.

  • Yes! Please let us choose specific activity types for clubs.

  • Definitely Agreed!! I created a nordic ski centered club and on our club leader board and activity feed, nordic skiing does not register as an activity. I would be very pleased if you changed this for every club that is centered on other sports other than running, cycling, and triathlons.

    Thank You

  • I've signed up Warren for this runsyncswim as its exactly something our club have been looking for. When I look though it just says None of your strava clubs have leader boards?


    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?



  • Strava - I've done exactly as the first poster suggests - created an "other" club and posted it outside of Strava to grow it organically -   In addition to being able to create "other" sport clubs it would be nice if we could choose which stats show up in our leader boards.  It defaulted to Triathlon so we see swimming and running, but being a horse riding club we only care about riding. In fact we would really like to use the Riding stats but we are using horses not bikes - we don't want to interfere with bike segments, routes, and leaders.  Please add just little more flexibility to your clubs. While you're at it add Horse Riding activities!

  • Would be great to customize the activity types of a club as you need it.

    We have a company club to encourage employee to do something, without difference to an activity type.

    It will be really great if a club can have all activity types which are also offered in strava.

  • Ant progress on this? Many of us are altering our cycling/running habits as the winter approaches and would like to use clubs to keep us motivated and accountable with our friends who opted for the nordic skis or other activities...

  • Agree! The main idea to create a Club is in my opinion to share and inspire each other in training methods - no matter the main sport of the Club ...

  • Hi everyone,

    It's great to see there are like-minded people who also want something changed in the Strava Clubs.
    I'm in a fairly new club with some colleagues in which we can shine like stars in the Leaderboards.
    As some of us (mainly just me lol) do other sports besides the default strava sports "cycling, running, swimming", these people won't climb as much as they should in the Weekly Leaderboards.
    To be honest I think that's a bloody shame. I really wish Strava would open up and embrace other sports and thus embrace those people that come with them.
    To finish I would like to request a new column in the Weekly Leaderboards in the "Other" groups as they should also count all "other" activities (because it's "Other", and not "Triathlon").

    Oh, and the horse riding people deserve special groups! <3

  • Strava should support clubs for every category of activity that Strava itself recognises.

    I have set up workplace clubs for cycling and running, and have tried to use "other" for members who simply want to log walking activities. This doesn't work as "other" just records everything.

    If the ability to create clubs for all activity types was introduced, more people at my workplace would join Strava and, you never know, they might even convert some members to premium.

    This is a pretty poor effort (or lack of effort) from Strava - come on guys!

  • Hi Colin,

    I set up an alternative site for Clubs for Strava, that might cater to your needs - it's mentioned further up on this thread.

    I'd be appreciative if you could check out

    You can set it up for your club, and because you've already set the club up as 'Other' in Strava, you can pick and mix the sports you want to see included on your RSS leaderboard.

    When you connect your club, you get to set up a vanity URL too, such as so the URL becomes nice and easy to remember too.

    All of the club data is synced across from Strava, close to real-time, and the more of your club members who also connect their strava accounts, the more easily data is kept up to date (though only the initial club connection is required to start pulling club activities).

    It's free to use, and we've been using it at my place of work, and I have a few other clubs with different sports around the world using it too, but I'd be keen to hear your thoughts, and would also appreciate any feedback.

    Please note of course, that it's not affiliated with Strava themselves, but is a solution to help users such as yourself get around the limitations of Strava's current offerings.


  • Thanks Warren - this looks very useful thanks, and I have adopted your idea for our three workplace clubs. Just one question - in the same way Strava uses admin privileges, does runsyncswim have similar functionality? I am just thinking of members messing up the settings, inadvertently of course, and the leaderboard for walking suddenly including cycling say. If the settings could be locked down to a power user, this would be perfect.

    Thanks again, and what a great title for the site by the way.

    Happy New Year.




  • Hi Colin,

    Yes, admin privileges exist, but are granted as follows: The creator of the club on RSS is given Admin rights, but so are any Club Admins from Strava itself (i.e. those athletes listed as an Admin of the Club on the Strava site) - I could look to allowing a lockdown to a particular user, but this opens up additional issues as to how to handle things when that user leaves the club, etc - I'll take it on board though.

    You can see your admin status for any of your RSS clubs here once connected:

    Those you can admin have the little cog icon to take you to the Admin page.

    The club sports, etc, stay as they are until an Admin adjusts them.

    Hope this helps!


  • Hello
    I run a triathlon club on Strava and I am starting a swimming distance challenge in Feb.
    Currently I can see on a Sunday night the leaderboard by hours. Is it possible to see distance by discipline instead ?

  • I agree with all. In addition to cycling, I interest walking. Also I am running Unaizah group for walking. This matters to me very much.

  • Is there any update on this? The only "official comment" links to a broken page indicating that they were working on this. Could we possibly get this changed this year?

  • ^ I agree. I inquired about this feature in 2016, and I still haven't seen any progress.

  • Would like to bump this up again if possible? Have added a club for rowing, the activity is recorded within Strava but doesn't get picked up by the club activities, which is a shame.

    Is there any update to this being looked at in 2016?

  • I have seen very few features added that are suggested on this feedback forum.

    This makes so much sense as it must be minimal coding.

    If people follow the founders of Strava @Mark Gainey or @Michael Horvath on Strava and make irregular suggestions for this feature they might listen.

    Mark got a C2 set up in his garage and within days the pace and distance measures were changed for Rowing as an activity.

  • Thanks Richard!  I just followed Mark and Michael.  I don't have a lot of hope though.  We've been asking for updates (added activities, different challenges, etc) to Strava for years with zero response.

  • I’m guessing it’s a lost cause to expect them to allow a little more granularity in club setup since this has been being asked for since 2016?

  • We would also like to be able to add kilometers as a trek activity in our club.

  • I have a call in with Strava Club leadership and will bring up these issues. It is concerning that some of these changes have not been implemented (or received a response) upon in 3 years.

  • Hiruy, some of us have been asking for updates since 2014. We've even reached out to Polar, and national organizations like AERC to try to further our cause. I have personally created a club for our activity but have to use Triathlon for our club activity even though we are horseback riders.

  • Hi Makon,

    I am working on both fronts. Adding activities and allowing users to choose which activities count towards the leaderboard. I had a call today with Strava corporate and scheduled another one for 8/14 (to make sure they are accountable for at least updating me on the progress of these changes with their engineering team). 

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