Filter My Starred Segments by Most Starred (ie Highest Reputation)


Certain segments mean a lot more to the community than others. With Strava having been around for a while I would be surprised if the segments with the most stars didn't correlate closely to those with the highest reputation in a given local.


This could be used in numerous ways (in fact I dare say it already is behind the scenes to get the most prominent segments for segment explore).


What I want to be able to do now is filter My Starred Segments by the one's the community has starred the most, thereby giving some correlation to the most important ones. Alternatively it would also be cool if we were given an option to have a manual sort so we could order our segments from our own value of most important to least.


Ideally I'd even like to see the amount of stars a segment has on the segment page and be able to see that from segment explore and activity pages to work out which ones I want to star myself.




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  • What Nathan is proposing is great. Actually i can't figure out how the starred segment are ordered... My first wish would be to have them ordered in alphabetical order....



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  • Yep I heavily second this. I think at some point I saw somewhere the number of times a segment was starred, but maybe I'm mis-remembering this. In any case that would be really useful information to have both on the segment pages and on the route builder and the segment explorer.

    But I would also encourage a simultaneous kudos system. That way the current star system works for most users, but a kudos system that requires you to actually visit the segment page would work for true hardcore users looking for the "proper" segments

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