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There may be that local segment that everyone tries to KOM by sprinting, but for every one of those, a rider passes through many others closer to his FTP. Currently there is no way to look at my overall segment performance as a whole to see how I stack up against the riders of my community.

I think many riders would love a Metric on their profile (that the rider could choose whether to make public or private) that gives him a number, like a percentile, of his position on all recorded segments. For example, if I usually beat 60 of every 100 riders on every segment I've done, my Metric would say 40 ( meaning I sit on average at the 40th percentile of all riders over all segments. 

I think this would both improve the social networking element to Strava as well as help individual riders see the big picture. It would be easy to program since a riders position is saved automatically already. It's simply a little addition and averaging.

Possibly, an add on that would make this metric even better would be to then be to click on your metric and have it display all segments in order of position. So if I am the KOM of one, it'd be at the top of the list, and on down to the segment where I sit at the worst position at the end. Segments where I am ahead of my average would be visually represented as such, and vice versa for segments behind my average. 

Anyway, I would love it and I am sure so many others would too where there are no current ways in Strava to analyze segment data on a larger scale, or compare my overall segment performance with other riders.



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