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Premium athletes can use Strava Beacon to share their real-time location with their family and friends. To learn how to use this new feature, you can read our documentation for iOS and Android

We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this new release. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us below. 



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  • Same as others-- The Beacon is waay to cumbersome:

    I subscribed for Premium specifically for the Beacon feature.  

    But the process to send the beacon SMS is so clunky, I rarely use it.  

    Here's how it goes on my Galaxy S9:

    1. Start recording by opening Strava app.

    2. Click Beacon Text

    3. Choose Send via text or FB Messenger

    4.Select Recipient. I have scroll through my contacts EVEN WHEN I HAVE A PRE-SELECTED RECIPIENT FOR BEACON. 

    5.Done when contacts selected

    6. Send Text 

    7. Exit Message app to return to Strava app.

    8. Start the activity.

    Such a pain in the ass.  I signed up for Premium for this service.  I'll let the subscription lapse if this doesn't improve.  

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  • It would be nice if we could have the option to keep a single URL (linked to a user profile) for the beacon. The webpage would just display the latest or ongoing activity.

    Generating a new URL every time is just making the thing messy when I want my girlfriend to be able to see where I am every day of the week.

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  • @Sean Scott, Beacon work great on an iPhone. just saying.

    1. Start the activity.

    2. Message app pops up with text to saved recipient.

    3. Send Text and done


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  • My beacon feature is still not working! I have followed the steps as per the Beacon for Android page yet no luck. My safety contact receives the notorious Activity not Started message.
    Your assistance will be appreciated.

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  • I have 3 safety contacts but all of them get a text when I use Beacon. I'd like to keep all 3 but be able to select which one(s) get the text when I start a ride. Is this possible? 

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  • There is no "support" from Strava other than their prerecorded guidance. I followed that very carefully and still Beacon does not work af they claim. No way to communicate this to Strava. I feel like this site just gives you a runaround so you cannot complain or get any real help. I will soon be unsubscribing and telling everyone how horrible this app is.

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  • So, I'm currently evaluating premium options of the app. I've already voiced my disappointments about the Edit Routes functionality (they are barely usable) - my thread was locked and deleted, good job listening to your users, Strava.

    So here is my take at beacon feature now. As many others, I found it very cumbersome and effectively unusable:

    1. Haven't found how you can send the link over email. In my case, my parents don't have smartphone, they are too old for it; they use old-fashioned cellphones with buttons. They have notebooks though - but Strava can't even send the link to email which they would be able to open on their PCs

    2. You need to send a new link each time, for no good reason. A permanent API link with long enough name would be a more reasonable option to me. I would be able to give it to whoever I want and then they would be able to follow it whenever they want, to see if I'm riding and where

    3. The thing is unnecessary cumbersome, as many others already mentioned. Permanent link I mentioned above would solve all these issues at once

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  • Beacon is the only reason I upgraded to Strava Premium.  But Beacon for Android is so clunky that I debate ending my subscription every time I use it.  My wife demands this feature so it stays for the moment. Super frustrating. My opinion of Strava has definitely eroded over this.

    No comment or help from Strava in this thread for 4 years. That says a lot about Strava's opinion of Beacon customers.  

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