Limit Segment Search by Geographic Area

Everybody knows approximately where they are searching for segments, so we don't need 35,000 pages of results from all over the world in 'Segment Search'.  For example, I search for "Hill to Hurst" - a 0.4 mi uphill segment in eastern PA that I want to take from my bud, and all I get is pages of vaguely related Hill and Hurst garbage.  (PS "Quote marks" didn't help)  

Allow a geographic filter - like a county/state in the U.S., or a country - to separate some of the chaff from the wheat.

Better yet, let me pull up the 'Segment Explore' map and just search for the term (i.e. matching segments) in this area!

Recently, new Strava software updates have made many low to medium popular segments completely disappear in Explore and Search, even when the particular location is detailed, or exact name is specified.



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  • Very good coment! I just have send a solicitation for Strava minutes ago about that point. It was a bad move exclude "Activities Search". Actually, I can not find once more activities using restrictions about area and kilometers too.

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  • I am poaching my own comment in another suggestion in hopes of getting seen, but I like this idea and add to it. Would be a pretty cool addition to have a map of a city and then to be able to zoom in with a scroll, finger pinch or whatever you are using to zoom. Say I want to know what the best place to run a mile is in Golden Gate Park. I hit a StravaMap thing and then zoom in to MLK Blvd. to see that there is a segment that is a mile and then I go and run that. Gives me a good idea of the segments that are around me and that I would potentially like to either go after or improve upon. 

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  • Thanks, Strava (maybe Jojo or Elle), for restoring the Segment Explore and Segment Search back to their original capability.  That is supremely helpful.  Occurred in updates ~ 5 March, when on desktop. 

    Still advocating for a more limited geography search ability :-)

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  • The whole segment search and segment explore is badly implemented. 

    Can't search for just ones you have done either. Agree map / geographical limitation would be good..

    On android app I always get 'no result found'

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