View your activity as seen by others (for privacy concerns)

One thing that would help enhance privacy on Strava is the ability to view your activity (and profile) from the perspective of others. There are three classes of users/perspectives related to this:

  • Followers
  • Non-followers (with a Strava account)
  • Non-logged-in users (no Strava account)

The last one really isn't necessary, since you can simply log out or go to the activity in question in an "incognito" mode to view this. However, the other two would be very helpful. For instance, I have no idea if the location of a photo that I took within a privacy zone and added to my activity shows up accurately, doesn't show up at all, or shows a location just outside of my privacy zone. I'm sure there are other examples where this feature would inform undocumented behavior, and it's also a straight forward way to verify your understanding of the privacy settings.



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  • Yeah, I like the idea. It will be interesting if they start to add additional privacy features like most of the other social networks. I find it's really easy to post something you didn't intend to share, especially when you are using a gps device and not consciously making a post.

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  • I follow
    definitely useful. I came here by searching google for this feature



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  • My workaround to see how privacy zone worked was to view my activity on a mate’s (follower) iPhone.

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  • I would really like this feature too. The best I managed was to use the iframe html embed code, but that isn't great as it doesn't let you zoom in the map. Otherwise the only option is creating a separate user account.

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