Automatic Commuter mode

It would be nice if I could enter my home and work locations, and then automatically have Strava mark any ride that starts from one and ends at the others as a commute.

At the moment, the commute flag doesn't seem to do much. But if we had good commute data, it could be used in a number of interesting actions

1. Keep my daily commutes private; no need to spam my friends feeds with that stuff.

2. Generate commuting totals; how many miles did I commute? How many work-days did I bike vs drive?

3. Create statistics on environmental impact - E.g. .44 kg carbon per mile saved vs 20MPG car

4. Create statistics on cost savings - IRS rate is $0.575 per mile (Great way to justify more bike parts! I save $40/wk w/ my bike)

5. Recommending stops for bike to work events



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  • 6. Auto beacon to tell your wife that you've made it to work on time.

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  • Some sort of commute detection would be a big step forward. Recording a 'home' and 'work' location looks like it would be a fairly simple/foolproof way of automatically flagging commutes.

    As the feature isn't there yet, I'm about to stop recording my commutes to stop spamming myself and friends with daily uninteresting mileage / and avoid the need to do Strava tagging admin to stop my commuter mileage contaminating my training data.

    The existing ability to do analysis including or excluding commutes is really useful, but I don't have time in my life for tagging every commute as such after the event...

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  • Yeah, I turned off automatic sharing of my rides due to spam. I manually share any ride that's special or unusual.

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  • A simpler solution could be to let the user choose if the default activity should be tagged as commute or not.

    The same behavior Strava use to set the default bike, the default shoes or the default privacy could be use for communte activities too.

    Why not a default boolean "isCommute"?

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  • Stumbled across this whilst searching to see if this very idea already existed. It'd be a great update, would definitely like more ways to separate my "proper" rides from my commutes and create different rules and analytics for both kinds.

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  • Agreed, it would be great if you could pick a few routes that you use to cycle to and from work and for that to be detected as your commute ongoing - but only for a particular activity.

    I cycle to and from work > flag as commute.
    I run near my work > not flagged commute.

    Add to that more granular privacy:

    Tagged as commute > mark as Private (no-one needs to be spammed with that)
    Not tagged as commute > mark as Everyone or Follower.

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  • I was looking for this feature as well, is this the only way that we can submit "feature requests"? Or are there other ways to bring this forward to the Strava team?

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  • This would be a great, and seemingly simple, thing to integrate into the app, with either a single location each for home and work, or maybe even multiples. How about this logic:

    ( start in {locations.home} AND finish in {} )
    ( start in {} AND finish in {locations.home} )
    IF ( preference.autocommute = ON then set COMMUTE flag for this ride to ON )

    And then there could be some additional preference set when you turn on the automatic commute detection - hide from friends, notifications, etc.

    Given the post-processing Strava does for privacy zones anyway, I could not imagine this would be too tough to implement.

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  • Check out CommuteMarker which does much of this: Agree it is such a shame this isn't capability built into the Strava app. Would be great if you could easily see commuting stats, money saved, environmental impact etc.

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  • Is there away to know if Strava Dev team is considering or working on this? It would be indeed great to have! Thanks

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  • This would be a wonderful feature for us riders who are both transportation riders and recreational riders. I would like to post a weekly commuting total and not spam my friends with 20 trips to and from work a week (I go home for lunch). There is certainly a sizable community of commuters who would use this feature. Beyond personal fitness, there are a lot of positive impacts (environmental, traffic reduction, economic, etc.) of self-powered travel that could be tracked. These could put some real power into a Heat Map, for instance.

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  • Just got a Brompton folding bike last week for commuting (less than 2 miles) it’s hilly and I’m overweight so working on it. I was hoping I could make the Commute logging a default or it would recognize that I’m leaving home and arrived at work.

    Is this available now?


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