Website manual activity enhancement

For those stuck using a treadmill, bike, etc during winter and incliment weather or just prefer their morning cardio on a treadmill while watching news, stock quotes, etc.

1. Allow me to change the date of an existing manual entry.

2. Allow pace input in mph and kph

3. Give me the option to copy an entry to another day (I run the same time/pace on my treadmill every morning) and adjust the distance/pace/time. This would be useful when I run at the same pace but longer one day.

4. The ability to add multiple distance/pace/time entries to cover warmup and varying paces throughout a run - 2min @ 4.3mph, 10min at 6.5mph, 10min at 7mph, 2min@4.3, 10min at 8mph. It'd be kinda cool to have a checkbox to mark warmup and cooldown which toggles if it's included in the users run stats or not. Might be useful to older / less active folks.



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  • You can change the date & time of manual entries under Edit - just did mine from yesterday FROM MY SMART PHONE.  (May still not be possible on the computer)

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  • I agree. At a minimum, it would be nice to be able to add in your mileage when using a treadmill or stationary bike. 

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