No Facebook account anymore

I have deleted my facebook account and can no longer login on the strava website. My phone app automatically still logs in. But I don't know were the login credentials are hidden or how this works.  

There is a e-mail registered under the profile settings, but I can not login with that email. I can request a new password but am afraid that the app than also loses connection with strava and I possibly loose my trainings history data.

What is the way to go ?



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  • I had the same problem.. just click "forgot my password" and reset your password. Worked for me;)

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  • Same problem.. 

    The mail used for my facebook, is not in mine anymore.

    If I want strarva to send a new password, for changing the setting, the mail is send to the mailadress I cannot access.

    Any ideas... 

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  • Same problem !

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