Where has 'relative effort' gone?

Hi, I was enjoying the relative effort graphic on my android phone, but it seems to have disappeared now! Has it been moved somewhere obscure or should I still be able to see it in my feed? I've checked all the settings but can't find anything to bring it back. Thanks in advance!



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    Hey Folks, 

    There is an Android specific problem we are currently investigating and it looks like it might be related to the devices battery saver settings preventing us from accessing data when needed. As a result, the app is unable to check for the Summit status on all features. 

    Can you check your battery saver settings and make sure Strava isn't being limited? 

    • Find and disable your phone's battery saver settings. These are typically located in Settings > Battery > Hamburger (top right 3 dots) > Battery Saver.
    • Ensure that Strava is disabled from any power saving features: Access battery settings > app power saving > details > Strava > disabled

    If the problem still occurs after adjusting your devices battery settings, simply log out of your Strava account, then log back in. This should take care of it, but if not, you can try deleting the Strava app and reinstalling.

    Let me know if you continue to have any trouble after trying the above.


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    This seems to happen to me every couple of months. I click on the relative effort section and instead of a trend graph I get a description of Summit and it's features.

    This seems to happen around the time my monthly subscription fee is taken.

    (Strava app, Galaxy S7, Android 8.0.0)

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  • I have the same. Did you manage to sort it?

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  • I no longer get a relative effort score anymore either and I'm on an iPhone.

    I just get the Heart Rate Zones with % of time in each zone in the center of the circle chart.  No more calculated overall effort score.

    I really liked that feature.  Sad its gone.

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  • Is the relative effort feature complete gone ?

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