Show All Activities for a Particular Bike

When clicking on a particular bike, it would be nice to see all activities associated with that bike.

I have several bikes, and some seem to have mysterious miles on them. One I'm pretty sure only has 20 miles, but shows having more ...

I'd like to track down the rides recorded to this particular bike and hopefully fix the error. This feature would help.

I wonder if I may have set this bike as default, and somehow other activities became associated with it? In any event, I couldn't find them. Thanks!



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  • Yes, same for shoes.

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  • On the web site you can go to "My Activities", select a "Sport" like ride and after that there are further options available like selecting a bike. The same works for Run and Shoes.


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  • You can do this with Veloviewer.

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  • I don't know for the mobile app, but on a browser you already have this feature here :

    You just need to chose the activity type (so, bike ride) then you'll be able to chose the bike you want.


    @Wes Plate : same for shoes ;-)

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  • Thanks Jan!


    This is just what I was looking for.



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