Duplicate Activities being recorded using Garmin Connect and Strava

I only have 1 app connected to Strava, Garmin Connect.
Before I go running I turn on Strava on my phone and then I set my run activity on my watch.

When I finish the run 2 activities are uploaded into my feed.

From Strava - Giving GPS data, route, speeds, 

From Watch - Giving all the above + heart rate


I don't want to just use my watch and wait for it to upload my activity via Garmin Connect -> Strava, because I like the notifications I get from Strava in my ear.
I don't want to just use Strava because I also want to get my heart rate as well!

I end up having to delete one activity every time I go out for a run.


How can I fix this so I don't have to delete any activities and get all the data and notification?



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  • Exactly the same problem here, on my girlfriend Strava+Gramin. Any fix for this?

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  • Exactly the same problem

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