Recording interruptions on Galaxy J5

Hi all,

I have recently started using Strava on a Samsung Galaxy J5 (Android 7.0). On this phone Strava interrupts the recording of position various times during each ride; when it restarts, it creates an artificial straight line between the last point recorded and the present point. This results in errors of up to 50% in ride distance and average speed. This all happens with the phone in the back pocket, there is no user input to stop or re-start the recording.

How can I prevent Strava from interrupting the recording on this phone?

Thank you. 



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  • Hi Luis, follow some notes specially for Samsungs:

    1- use it under "plane mode"

    2- disable automatic pause on app configurations

    3- verify the localization - Satellite in high precision mode




  • Same problem with a Huawei P9 Lite, and the problem does not occur every time I use Strava. I checked the Android settings, the application remains active in the background, the battery does not stop in case of high consumption; being an outdoor activity the gps is not interrupted. 

    I'm looking for a solution too

  • I have the same problems, my rides only show about 1 mile and then nothing. What is the fix.

  • Also on my XIOMI readme 4 same problem, initially marks the path then stops the path, I thought it was a problem due to shooting photos instead, it crashes even without taking pictures.
    Too bad

  • same for me with P9 lite- there must be an answer - change back to an iphone i guess

  • Here the same problems with the J5 (2017).

    It seems to me that when you stops the ride within the hour after starting the record the GPS becomes awake and continu the recording, but if not then the GPS stops after one hour. Also when you use a app beside the Strava-app that give you every time (5, 10 or more km) some information on the training like "" this will get awake the GPS for recording and you will not have any problems with Strava.

    The helpdesk Samsung told to put the sinalation of the Strava-app on priority but that didn't help.

    So, I cannot prevent Strava from interrupting the recording on the J5 phone when it's functioning alone and hope someone have the solution.!

  • Hello again,

    is there any chance Strava will ever function properly on this phone? Since the last update Strava is no longer able to acquire the GPS signal. I tried all the instructions in the guidelines, switch on/off the phone, on/off location, etc, but Strava simply does not work.

    All other applications are able to acquire the signal, only Strava is malfunctioning. I wonder how such a poor programme ever became so popular?



  • When you have some problems with your GPS on your telephone switch the 'local' off and on in the settings of the phone.

    Btw, after the Android update to 8.2 my problems with Strava are solved, so . . . .!!

  • I am not sure what to make of Johan's message. I hope he is not Strava staff, because if he is, then the company is not in the least interested in getting its software working on this phone.

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